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Sandaili Sand
Browser Screenlet

Conky by Whise 7 comments

I have the newest screenlets and it's not working. The titlebar to the screenlets manager blinks once when I try to start it.

Any other working screenlets for viewing a browser?

- Jul 16 2008

Conky by swiftfeet 2 comments

Is there something that needs to be updated? I checked the radar link and it seems to be fine. But it comes up blank and then does not let me switch back to the weather screen. - Jul 07 2008

Conky by Whise 22 comments

So, how can you close the extended forecast window? I have tried everthing. - Jul 07 2008
Weather extended

Conky by Whise 8 comments

I have the same issue. And I guess, no one really cares LOL. Rated at 70%!

Also - an issue that is the same as with the standard Weather screenlet - you can't close the extended forcast.

Any clues? - Jul 07 2008