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Sam Shiell

System Software by luckyb 244 comments

HI Loukas

Thanks for the answer. I suspected that would be the case.

I do want my backups to be off-line. I'll see if there's a way that Ubutntu-One can be mounted, otherwise I guess I can backup to a specific folder then sync that..

Thanks anyway

Sam - Jan 08 2014

System Software by luckyb 244 comments


I've just moved from Ubuntu to Kubuntu (I'm seriously impressed) and am planning to use Lucky Backup as it looks good and ticks all my boxes except possibly one.

So, a question before I leap. Can Lucky Backup integrate with Ubuntu-One in the same way that Deja-backup does? I can't see anything in the documentation around this.

If not directly are there any tips on how to use it to backup to a cloud server?


Sam - Jan 07 2014