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Sam Bortman Toronto, Canada

Board by redsh 68 comments

Hi Redsh,

The jigsaw variation is brilliant!!! Thanks for a great little game, generally! I especially enjoy solving 5x5 puzzles over the course of a week. ;-)

May I suggest a few additional variations (or modes) that can be actually applied to all boards, perhaps in a form of a few additional checkboxes in the "generate new puzzle" dialog...

I didn't look at the source code, but I imagine that they should be rather easy to implement (if the internal board representation is anything like what I envision.)

Here they are:
1. Amnesia mode:
Every few seconds (or minutes or mouse clicks, perhaps this can be user-configured) one of the already user-solved numbers quietly disappears.
This mode challenges a player's logic and memory.

2. Pins and needles mode
Every few seconds (or minutes,etc...) the playing board simply flips top-to-bottom, or left-to-right, or rotates 90 degrees. (Just make sure the numbers stay upright ;-)
This mode challenges a player's focus and memory.

3. Hot-swap mode
Every few seconds (etc...) a random digit is silently swapped with a different random digit (for example "5" is swapped with "9") across the entire board (so, the column/row/box integrity is preserved.)
This mode also challenges the player's focus.

All three modes are intended to add difficulty to the game forcing the player to have better concentration.

Sam. - Jun 15 2007