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The TAV is a governmental project about the construction of an high-speed railway to connect Torino and Lion. To speed-up economic relationships between Italy and Europe, they say. The truth is that our politicians have an outdated new-dealish idea about development: big spending to gain in the near future, without considering the long term social and environmental consequences. A big useless effort. The TAV would shorten the trip to France for few prehistoric managers and businnesmen unable to use IT for their communications, ruining a beautiful valley and the life of its inhabitants, and enriching the building companies that have already enough power to impose their interests in the political agenda. Since the 50s the businnessmen and allied politicians have destroyed the landscapes of Italy with their expensive eco-monsters, and they wish to go on despite of the evidences about the necessity of adopting a different economic perspective. NO TAV movement is an expression of the intelligent part of Italy, the one that "watches futher than its nose". Italy (and the whole world) doesn't need money, brainless consumption and "grandeur" but knowledge, seriousness and equity. The shame of Italy are the ignorant industrial-saurs who only think about money, cars, yatches, parties and villas, and call this development. The shame of Italy are the fascists, the machists, the mafiosi, the clerics who use their power to subjugate people.
NO TAV! NO DAL MOLIN (US military base in Vicenza)! We want a true and peaceful evolution! - Feb 19 2007