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Rodney Wishart
Extract And Compress KDE4

Dolphin Service Menus by painkiller101 174 comments

First, this is a great little helper. I too missed the compress and extract servicemenu.

For those who are having trouble with the install scripts. Remember this is Linux!!! If you cd to the extracted directory containing the install script you must use "./" Linux assumes that commands are in your path the, ./ specifies to use the command in the current directory. Also the script will ask where your kde services directory is. It is located in your kde4/services in SuSE 11.1 it is in /usr/share/kde4/services - Dec 20 2008

KDE 3.5 Themes by thomas12777 1262 comments

I have the same problem but with the KSamba plugin not appearing under network settings. Should kcminit be run with any options or just issue the command by itself with no perams? - Dec 03 2003
SuSE Elegant

KDM4 Themes
by crimarova64

9   Jun 26 2011
9   Nov 12 2010
SuSE Elegant

GRUB Themes
by crimarova64

9   Nov 05 2010