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Roberto Virga Milano, Italy

Science by rvirga 14 comments

The 'show graphics' menu entry works with all projects whose client can display graphics. If it's grayed out for Rosetta, it means that Rosetta under linux doesn't offer graphics.

Independently of the Rosetta client, I've been working some time ago on better support for Rosetta and World Community Grid. If you download and install the beta version of KBoincSpy that's in the SVN repository, you'll be able to see 3D models of the molecules being predicted by Rosetta. There are still a few bugs, but overall it works OK.

- Roberto - Mar 23 2007

Science by rvirga 14 comments

After thinking about it some more, maybe it's not really necessary to implement this. You can use Client->Run Mode->Suspend to suspend, and Client->Run Mode->Run Based on Preferences (or Run Always) to resume. And this has the advantage of working across a network.

Unlike SETI@home classic, where there was just the SETI@home client, in BOINC there's the boinc client, which doesn't do any computation (and hence use negligible amount of CPU), and the project clients, which do the actual computation. In BOINC, it's OK to keep the BOINC client running at all time, and through the BOINC client you can start/stop the project clients at will.

- Roberto - Feb 12 2006

Science by rvirga 14 comments

Seems a good idea. I'll try to include this feature in the next version.

- Roberto - Feb 09 2006

Science by rvirga 14 comments

To make the binary packages, I just copied the 0.9.0 ebuild that's already in portage, i.e.

cd /usr/portage/sci-misc/kboincspy/
cp kboincspy-0.9.0.ebuild kboincspy-0.9.1.ebuild

The 0.9.0 ebuild takes the version number from the filename, so renaming it automatically generates an ebuild for 0.9.1.

- Roberto - Feb 09 2006
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KDE 3.x Window Decorations by p0z3r 116 comments

p0z3r: configure complains that gcc 4.0.0 is blacklisted, and stops:

> checking whether gcc is blacklisted... yes
> configure: error:
> This particular compiler version is blacklisted because it
> is known to miscompile KDE. Please use a newer version, or
> if that is not yet available, choose an older version.
> Please do not report a bug or bother us reporting this
> configure error. We know about it, and we introduced
> it by intention to avoid untraceable bugs or crashes in KDE.

wwwonka: the common way to get around gcc 4.0 problems is to use gcc 3.2, which is also shipped with FC4 (it's in a package called "compat-gcc-32").

> export CC=gcc32
> ./configure --prefix=/usr
> make

to build.

- Roberto - Jul 03 2005

Science by rvirga 14 comments

KBoincSpy is in Debian, so you don't need to downlad the .deb package. To install, just type "apt-get install kboincspy" from the command line.

- Roberto - Jun 21 2005