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Ruvenss G. Wilches Brussles, Belgium
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Jul 30 2006
Nice graphics and style, excellent render too; for the meaning or political stuffs, do not worry, since colours or geometrical forms can add a meaning, symbols means something only when an individual wants them to mean something, otherwise, is all a waste of comments, besides this OPEN SOURCE applies to everything, and everyone, those who don't carry that philosophy, shouldn't be wasting their time around here. - Jan 14 2008
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May 26 2011
Would be great that Gambas2 Proyects could load Python Modules into the applications, that will defenitly inspire other people to work with. - Nov 27 2007
Sorry but the repository is, not build it well.

There was an error in the repository initialization.
'gambas': /var/cache/zypp/raw/gambas: Le fichier requis est manquant: ./setup/descr/packages.

That's why I mention that a different way to setup the application, will be great, or just publish the application into the OpenSuse Public repository

- Nov 26 2007
Nope, I did try to install it from the PCLINUX OS Distro and MYSQL, and POSTGRE modules became useless . - Nov 16 2007
MAKE A SOLUTION FOR OpenSuSE 10.3!! Is the only thing missing on the project, or at least for the four first distros onthe market.

Also a setup Installation solution like the one in AMSN or Google Earth is missing.

If only those 2 things will get fix it, GAMBAS could start a professional path. - Nov 16 2007