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Ruud Beukema Arnhem, Netherlands

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Sep 20 2008
Elv13 you're right: Both Gnome and KDE have GUI-app guidelines which I both did not follow indeed.I didn't feel the need to follow them because the app is very, very small and simple.

Anderslund, altough you're right about the app not being a KDE-app by the definition stated above, I think you pathetically overreacted by giving me that reaction and bad score. Nevertheless, it's just how the forum works. Bad luck for me I suppose.

It is my personal experience that Linux users of whatever Desktop-environment still need to collect their apps from all camps (KDE/Gnome/X etc.) in order to have their full set of Windows-equivalent programs. The strict seperation of KDE- and Gnome-apps by the www.* or * forums is in general not aiding this quest. - Oct 01 2008
You can run GTK apps on both Gnome and KDE desktop environment. And since applications added to don't show up on you would miss this application when searching on 'folding' for example. What is the definition of a KDE app anyway? One that is made with Qt? - Sep 21 2008