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Timo Ruppell
Root reminder

Wallpaper Other by ruppel 8 comments

I'll do that in just a little while (i'm currently travelling with no internet connection).

This was the second render I ever did and that's why I didn't incorporate a bend -- I simply didn't know how to do it nicely (now I already have an idea on how to do it).

Btw, thank you all for the great feedback. - Feb 20 2003
Root reminder 3

Wallpaper Other by ruppel 8 comments

it's a square root sign... you know "root"... sigh, I knew it would be too nerdy ;) - Feb 18 2003
KDE has balls

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by ruppel 5 comments

for your comment and for the splash screen. - Feb 13 2003

Various Stuff by WinterWolf 34 comments

Obviously somebody downloaded the file (Sorry Icouldn't resist this, thanks for the fonts). - Oct 24 2002