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andreas andreas

GTK2 Themes by Perberos 24 comments

You sir, have done an awesome and great job on the theme, it looks perfect. - Sep 04 2010
Murrine GTK+ Engine for Fedora

GTK2 Themes by gracca 26 comments

of thanks to you :)
I couldn't find the source on the official murrine site, only .90 and not .91, and you saved the day :D - May 30 2010
Lucid Non-Ugly Theme

GTK2 Themes by shahriarhaque 4 comments

I like it more than the default one, more simple and elegant/plain. Also, the buttons are a lot better :) - May 02 2010
Any Color You Like

Full Icon Themes by switzak 286 comments

thanks for making this, it's so awesome! I have a minimalistic desktop with openbox, which changes a lot. Now I only have to change the color and maybe the shape. Thanks again! - Apr 11 2010

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 41 comments

It's a great theme, using it right now, but I have one question: How do get the black menubar without the 1 or 2 pixels whitespace? Because in your second screenshot it doesnt have it ;)

Thanks! - Apr 11 2010
Clearlooks for XFWM4

by Cuvou

6 .3
Feb 24 2011

Openbox Themes
by lyrae

5 .9
Dec 11 2010
6 .3
Sep 05 2010

GTK2 Themes
by Perberos

6 .8
Sep 04 2010