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by rtl88
Score 93.0%
1 day ago
Thank you! - Dec 08 2019
Hah, yep, Pistachio took a tad of effort this time. I think it turned out better than I expected this update though. Thanks! - Dec 02 2019
The error for Blueberry, during extraction, has been fixed. Thank you for the alert! - Sep 21 2019
by rtl88
Score 78.0%
Apr 14 2020
Almost... good eye! - Dec 05 2019
by rtl88
Score 85.9%
May 30 2020
The first 7 colors are up (go look). I may do something different with the 'Kiwi... and make it a forest-green (your opinion?). No dust or wine, yet; but I wanted to get started with these (fairly) well-tested variants. - Dec 03 2019
I tore it apart yesterday, when I saw your note; I'm still trying to get that to line up. We'll get it; thanks! - Dec 02 2019
Yep, all of that is in the works; I appreciate the hue suggestions! I'll go over your palette again tomorrow. - Dec 02 2019
We have a six-to-eight multi-color version of Arc-Black currently under testing. I wish they would hurry up too! ;) - Nov 13 2019
Arc-ICONS Complete Icon and Folder Set

Full Icon Themes 43 comments

by rtl88
Score 90.0%
May 26 2020
Likewise; take care. - Nov 21 2019
The official word has only been: "the horst3180/arc-theme repository has been unmaintained since March 2017." Those of us who are trying to foster Arc are threaded throughout the Linux universe - namely, via project administrators/packaging maintainers from Arch-Linux Debian and Ubuntu, for the three principle GTK-variants. I am now upstream for Arch-Linux, and others, vis-a-vis the official-based icons which horst3180 barely started; and a host of us do the peripheral variants. Maybe you already knew most of that; sorry I can't be of more help. - Nov 20 2019
Thanks for trying the theme, it looks like your finally set. The theme version is fine - tested on multiple platforms and architecture for days. Though, via your screenshot, the file manager appears not be showing thumbnails. That's a whole other issue. If you haven't already, re-download it, assuming you still need to; sometimes a corrupted download occurs of course. Mainly, some file managers are just slow to render rich - un-cached themes. Take Care! - Oct 24 2019
by rtl88
Score 83.8%
Apr 23 2020
Hey there old acquaintance; it has been lonely around here; thanks! - Nov 18 2019
by rtl88
Score 85.3%
Jun 01 2020
Okay, morphis, I took care of that text-brightening need in GNOME; it's up there now. Keep in mind, this theme dims the text here-and-there, anyway. GNOME had it real low, though, before. Thanks for the input! - Nov 11 2019
Thanks for trying the theme. The team did consider a little lighter text on the new scheme. Some of our machines rendered it darker/lighter than others; high-def versus no high-def, etc. Most testers were heavy-dark-mode users, so I'll make a determination before the next update, via a control group of around 15 testers, in an 8 hour office environment. Take care! - Nov 11 2019
by rtl88
Score 88.8%
May 18 2020
Well, here's what we come up with 3.34 on Debian (screenshot). We just can't make it mess up like the example shows - it still looks terrific. Later, I'll run it on that new Ubuntu though. - Nov 07 2019
sorry, "get any of the rpm" rather. - Nov 07 2019
Hah, well if I thought you really had 3.24 in your computer, it would be explained. But, you actually have 3.34. Nevertheless, I cannot any of get the rpm based machines, where I'm at now, to produce a bug, but I'll check with someone with Debian I can get with.

In the mean time, make sure your not actually running your rig with 3.24 ;)

Take care. - Nov 07 2019
Please, eh8t, allow me to apologize for the accusation, in case there is a logical explanation for your situation. It is true, the drop-downs and app-menus are coded almost white text. Therefore, I cannot say why you are rendering anything differently. I will personally look into it though. Again, sorry if offense was taken by other's comments. This theme is not worth all that. - Nov 06 2019

System Sounds 17 comments

by rtl88
Score 81.7%
Apr 08 2020
Hi, sengchanh-46, thanks for trying the sound theme. The icons you ask about are from the set: Arc-Darkest-Frost Two-Flavors-Icons.

Now, you already commented, about a week ago, that you liked them. So, if I understand correctly, you are just verifying those are the ones; and they of course they are.

Take Care. - Nov 06 2019
You bet; thanks for trying the sound theme! - Nov 06 2019
by rtl88
Score 85.8%
Dec 13 2019
Thanks, bealsc, I love it too; sometimes we surprise ourselves. The Material Design is a game-changer on this one, though; it will give it broader appeal (visually). Thanks for the keen eye! - Nov 04 2019
Material-Solarized Complete-Desktop

GTK3 Themes 23 comments

by rtl88
Score 83.9%
Feb 26 2020
That is inspiring; and your support is genuinely appreciated, AV1Aca. - Oct 27 2019
rik (rjungman) and others are also actively involved with this theme, and he is likewise correct, regarding the consistency of the active and inactive borders for this design. You're right though, the borders do look a little better on GNOME versus XFCE, via your shot. Let me tear up the code a bit, and see what I can do to specifically make XFCE match that nice rendering on that we see vis-a-vis the Nautilus screenshot. It will be late next week, before an another update, but I'll let you know the verdict sooner. - Oct 17 2019
You bet! If you feel like messing with some Arc in a day or two, I am fixing to release something quite unique in that series. Till then, thanks for checking in. - Sep 17 2019
Solarized Deluxe Icons and Animated Cursors

Full Icon Themes 19 comments

by rtl88
Score 82.0%
Nov 03 2019
Here you go:
Enjoy! (I hope) - Oct 21 2019
We're finishing up on that for you - a whole new theme - which should give you plenty of traction and mileage. I think those are due to be updated Fri late/Sat Early. Talk to you soon. - Oct 17 2019
We had to do a total overhaul of out git structure, the past couple days, and have been just bug fixing and dealing with that sort of of non-creative fun. I will personally see to it you get some more variety, here, by the next update in a week. Thanks for your patience and support! - Oct 14 2019
Sure, give us until the next update in 5 or 6 days; what colors/schemes were you thinking about? - Oct 03 2019
Arc-Darkest-Frost Complete Desktop

GTK3 Themes 22 comments

by rtl88
Score 83.9%
Nov 23 2019
Thanks for trying the theme! This theme is 100% GTK. There is no Qt or crossover support available, currently. The developers are just sticking with their specialties, on this one, while it's still new(ish). - Oct 20 2019

GTK3 Themes 16 comments

by rtl88
Score 83.8%
Oct 29 2019
Sure, we'll tweak that for you, and get the checkboxes to make a border. That will be done within a couple of days. In the mean time, you can go get a Punk-Sweet GTK file here:

It does not do as much coloring vis-a-vis small elements, but I think the checkboxes are bordered. Thanks for using the theme. - Oct 10 2019
by rtl88
Score 87.3%
May 13 2020
Awesome; I'm glad you finally have it how you wish it to look! - Oct 07 2019
I am working on theme that may work for you, combining Arc and Numix elements. It will look nearly identical to this theme here. What color are wanting? - Oct 07 2019
peppermint, you are asking me to take out a necessary feature to the comprehensive GTK3 format. Those lines, as the video states, are built into the way the theme functions. Technically, it breaks the theme to do what is requested. I realize that the dotted lines annoy some people, but we can't compromise the integrity of the base theme for cosmetic reasons. As well, Arc's GTK-3 CSS files are precompiled into a binary format (*.gresource) and installed as a bundle. This means they are not available for editing after compilation. There many features via GTK3 that a lot of users never grew happy with, and, for themers, we're sort of stuck in the middle. I wish I could please you with the theme, sorry. - Oct 07 2019
That's why I made a slightly different one for you & I. I hope a few others appreciate the changes, as well. I've been testing it for 3 weeks - it should be ready for prime-time now.

I'll put it out in a few hours, peppermint. You'll know it when you see it.

Thanks for the check in. - Oct 06 2019
PUNK-Theme 4-Flavor Iconpack

Full Icon Themes 14 comments

by rtl88
Score 80.8%
Oct 26 2019
pix, our testers can't locate a problem with the panel using the Punk-Sweet GTK and Icon. I will look at my new (latest version) build and see when it will be ready. It should be released in a day or two, and that could clear up your issue.

Also, if you like Punk-Sweet, go and get the GTK from our 'Ultimate version. I personally crafted that one, and it has measurably more pizazz and color fun throughout - using the Punk-Sweet scheme anyway.

Let me know! - Oct 07 2019
We'll look into it, and let you know what is discovered. Thank you. - Oct 07 2019
PUNK-Theme 4-Flavor Desktop

GTK3 Themes 25 comments

by rtl88
Score 81.3%
Oct 26 2019
Thanks for using the theme. We do what we can in css; but you have all the files right there to edit any way you choose. If you have a theming idea/edit - just let us know, we accommodate wherever we can. - Oct 05 2019
Hah, they're kind of alike. - Sep 23 2019
by rtl88
Score 85.9%
Mar 01 2020
All done. - Oct 05 2019
Well, obviously something went rouge on the upgrade, fblais. I will get to all of that ASAP. Thanks you for bringing this to my attention. - Oct 05 2019
by rtl88
Score 87.4%
2 days ago
Hi, thanks for trying the Abyss theme; I am glad you like it! Let me see if I can get you a special version for your situation; I'll check with my team. Please give me a few days to have someone look into Peppermint/Nemo. This theme performs as expected on a typical Cinnamon OS instillation, so your condition must be isolated to the unique cloud-based functionality of that particular OS. Nevertheless, we want all our users to feel perfect about their theming experience. The hues must stay the same however. ;) - Oct 03 2019
Thanks, bealsc, I was figuring you might appreciate the Abyss-Deep variant. - Sep 24 2019
by rtl88
Score 87.7%
Dec 13 2019
That's a weird one - it's not doing that to any of that to our testers' XFCE4 + Xfwm4. I'll have to see what's different about your Debian setup. It really is the very first time XFCE has had those white lines that I've heard of; so please give me a day or so to dig in. We'll get your box perfect. - Sep 22 2019
by rtl88
Score 77.5%
Nov 20 2019
Thank You! - Sep 14 2019
Thanks! - Sep 14 2019
Material-Black-Frost Complete Desktop

GTK3 Themes 16 comments

by rtl88
Score 83.6%
Jan 14 2020
Thanks! - Sep 14 2019
Thank you! - Sep 14 2019
Thanks! - Sep 14 2019
Thanks, I have really been into the Nord scheme for my own use lately; I love it! - Sep 14 2019
Thank You! - Sep 14 2019

GTK3 Themes
by Buelligan

Score 77.3%
Sep 20 2019
Fun Share My Ubuntu

Gnome Screenshots
by hellkids96

Score 68.6%
Sep 09 2019
Score 88.4%
Apr 26 2020
Fun Share My Ubuntu

Gnome Screenshots
by hellkids96

Score 68.6%
10   Sep 09 2019
10 the best

by wusel1007

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9   May 05 2017