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Abyss-Icon-Superpack [introducing Suru-GLOW]

Full Icon Themes 11 comments

by rtl88
Score 80.9%
Jun 01 2020
Thanks a lot! - Mar 02 2020
by rtl88
Score 93.1%
Jun 02 2020
@ivan0612 , all of those icons are furnished, hence, they should simply appear automatically in the panel. I have all of those displayed on my box with no issues. You may need to clean out your icon cache. What variant (Suru or Numix) are you using? - Feb 28 2020
Thanks a bunch! - Jan 27 2020
You're welcome; thank you! - Dec 28 2019
Thank you! - Dec 28 2019
Thanks a bunch! - Dec 28 2019
Hah, I have actually been putting those together this week. Look for them by this upcoming Thurs/Fri (the very next update cycle). - Dec 28 2019
by rtl88
Score 93.0%
Jun 02 2020
@babblegum I have thought about taking Plank out of the product. It is not actually a bug, they say. I use Plank, and it bothers me some; but it is an issue with Plank - and it has always been that way with their material renditions. You would have to file a report with that team. - Feb 26 2020
Rest easy, I have Jimbob on it; he has the tools to ID the source - we'll go from there. If it's legit, he'll know. - Feb 05 2020
Yep, I've spent some time looking into that. We just needa top notch KDE theme developer - a true coder - to get with us; so we can do right. Let me know if you have one in mind, who you moreover know would want to be involved. And thanks for the positive feedback! - Jan 21 2020
Let us know if we can be of any help to your quest for theming bliss; we are indeed lucky to have faithful users such as you. Best! - Dec 30 2019
We will help you with that, but not on this comment area; it is for quick comments though not for a semi-detailed tutorial. Just use the "PM" feature, designed for such a need, and someone from the team will gladly help you. Best Regards. - Dec 29 2019
Thank you! - Dec 28 2019
Thank you! - Dec 28 2019
My pleasure; your welcome! - Dec 08 2019
by rtl88
Score 79.5%
Dec 13 2019
@ foobar, check out this one, too: - Feb 05 2020
jungman can be ruthless - lol.

@foobar, as I invariably suggest vis-a-vis these sorts of (specific) needs, just pm me, and let me know what you are looking for, in your scheme; and I'll see what I can do for you. Fair enough? - Jan 09 2020
Sorry, here is the screenshot. - Jan 02 2020
19 days ago: "Total rebuild to accommodate Ubuntu: 19.10"

Hundreds of happy users since:

Best of luck to you.

- Jan 02 2020
Total rebuild to accommodate Ubuntu: 19.10 (others distros will notice a few nice tweaks too) - Dec 14 2019
Good deal, Give us a day or so. Keep your notifications on, or check back in a day (or two at the most). If it is isolated to Ubuntu: 19.10, then a file will be added for that version of the distro. We've had to do that before, in similar situations. Thank you for the feedback, and use of the theme, foobar. - Dec 13 2019
Okay, I'll put my best member on it asap, and see if we can figure out what is happening on your box versus ours. Solarized is an important theme to a lot of people.

It hasn't been updated in a month, so perhaps we're just dealing with a match up challenge vis-a-vis your distro's 3.34.1. The tester machine, here, is openSUSE, what is yours, so we can go from there? - Dec 13 2019
This is what it looks like, right now, on a GNOME tester machine:

I also noticed you put up this rating and review:

I'm not sure why your version of GNOME is doing that, but if you like the the full theme version of the shell, you can take the entire gnome-shell folder out of the theme's main folder and it will be just the shell at that point. Let me know, and thanks for the 10! - Dec 13 2019
by rtl88
Score 85.0%
May 12 2020
Thank you! - Jan 27 2020
Thank you! - Jan 27 2020
You're very welcome; and thank you! - Jan 27 2020
Yep, lots of work - a labor of love. Thanks for noticing, old friend! - Jan 15 2020
by rtl88
Score 85.8%
Dec 13 2019
openbox-3 wasn't ready, yet, when the last update transpired. The infrastructure changed significantly at that point. I am sorry there was not a reference to that and, by the next update (in the next week or so) I will, in turn, have openbox-3 put back in. Thank you for your patience on the matter. As well, thank you for the positive rating for the theme in general. Best regards, RTL. - Jan 26 2020
Because it was requested over the norma,l Numix architecture on the light variant. What I ended up doing is blending the favored elements of both on this update, here. By the way, we've all been testing the two variants, on several platforms. Looking good; come and get! - Dec 14 2019
Total rebuild to accommodate Ubuntu: 19.10 (others distros will notice a few nice tweaks too) - Dec 14 2019
by rtl88
Score 89.1%
May 29 2020
Thank you for the input, BBOSAK2143, and inspiration! No doubt, some of your Cyana work will continued to be missed (by Solarized junkies). Your work displays you have shied away from flat themes; so I'll take it to heart that you compliment the one here. Much of the Cyana, the BeiTanbro, and even the some of the Black Beauty works, are surely art in their own right. PM me, sometime; I would love to collaborate, when you get the notion in the future. - Jan 24 2020
Yep, that was the idea - to be wholly original. I'm glad you put plenty of thought into it, and then turned out to be ultimately satisfied. Thanks for trying! - Jan 02 2020
Thanks, Doc. - Dec 20 2019
Your welcome; and thank you, too. - Dec 20 2019
They are not published, at this point. Pleases look for them early next year. They will be part of a suite; though you will be able to keyword them. Thank you, as well. - Dec 20 2019
Me too, and it should. Happy Holidays, Roland! - Dec 20 2019
Thanks, bealsc, it should be quite a complete suite of variants, soon enough. Happy Holidays, my friend! - Dec 20 2019
by rtl88
Score 87.7%
Dec 13 2019
Thank you! - Jan 23 2020
You welcome; thank you! - Dec 15 2019
Thanks for noticing; yeah, I gotta keep our Solarized junkies in check. - Dec 15 2019
Total rebuild to accommodate Ubuntu: 19.10 (others distros will notice a few nice tweaks too) - Dec 14 2019
Arc-Darkest-COLORS Icon-Superpack

Full Icon Themes 15 comments

by rtl88
Score 84.7%
May 13 2020
Thank you; and your most welcome! - Jan 23 2020
Arc-ICONS Complete Icon and Folder Set

Full Icon Themes 44 comments

by rtl88
Score 90.0%
1 day ago
Rikard, to steer the op in the right direction, you should have added that the issue of "hidden files do not show greyed icons (when I set this option)" has nothing to do with an icon theme. That would be implying icon themes are supposed to somehow know of the feature, in advance, and provide magic icons for PCMan. That of course is the file manger's role. - Jan 20 2020

GTK3 Themes 9 comments

by rtl88
Score 74.4%
Apr 10 2020
Thank you; they are the matching icons & folders that will be released in five days (they just didn't make it into this week's update). There will also be two varieties, Dark & Extra-Dark, to choose from. - Jan 19 2020

GTK3 Themes 5 comments

by rtl88
Score 71.4%
Dec 16 2019
Oh, btw, thanks! - Dec 17 2019
I wasn't able to tell vis-a-vis the number of DLs, if the reception was going to be worthy of such a rating; holiday anomalies in user visits are making it hard to gauge, I suppose. Well, at least you & I can see the virtue in the new theme. It really does perform better than its material parent. Material is still fledgling in mine, and others opinion - but people are nevertheless enthralled by it. - Dec 17 2019
Solarized Deluxe Icons and Animated Cursors

Full Icon Themes 19 comments

by rtl88
Score 82.0%
Nov 03 2019
Thanks; good to see you, again! - Dec 17 2019
by rtl88
Score 79.0%
Jun 01 2020
Thank you! - Dec 15 2019
Thank you! - Dec 15 2019
by rtl88
Score 88.8%
May 18 2020
That is really good to hear, bealsc. It seems like, with every update of this theme, my OCD kicks in on securing the tiniest improvement in definition. I think it is because, though I loved the original Arc-Dark, it was never dark enough - and the definition was somewhat muddled vis-a-vis my eyesight, at least. Arc-Darkest came on the scene to address all of that; so, I'm thinking it has to be perfect or what's the point. - Dec 09 2019

GTK3 Themes
by Buelligan

Score 77.3%
Sep 20 2019
Fun Share My Ubuntu

Gnome Screenshots
by hellkids96

Score 68.6%
Sep 09 2019
Score 89.0%
Apr 26 2020
Fun Share My Ubuntu

Gnome Screenshots
by hellkids96

Score 68.6%
10   Sep 09 2019
10 the best

by wusel1007

Score 74.3%
9   May 05 2017