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Ron Hoffman Redondo Beach, United States of America

Wallpaper Other by pera 1 comment

This composition is different, but you made it work.

As usual though, nicely done.

Thank you. - Jul 16 2009

Wallpaper Other by pera 1 comment

Love those pretty things--in more ways than one. - Jun 30 2009

Wallpaper Other by pera 2 comments

Are you a professional?

This one was composed so well, and you do it so frequently, it can't be by accident. If you're not a pro, you sure have the eye for it, in my humble opinion.

Thanks again for another neat shot. - Jun 08 2009
Small Bridge

Bridges by pera 2 comments

Pera, if you live around there, I consider you most fortunate and your picture taking skills frame the beauty regularly.

Many thanks for your submissions. They're all good. - Jun 01 2009

Wallpaper Other by pera 3 comments

This kind of scene takes my breath. I love it. - Jun 01 2009
aiguille du midi Mont Blanc

Wallpaper Other by remi72 3 comments

That scene makes me shiver just viewing it. Beautiful, in a cold, numbing way. Definitely worth a save and a bump up. - May 30 2009

Wallpaper Other by drlue 1 comment

Can't help but love those critters. Miss the brief farm life I enjoyed as a youth. You captured some humor as three try to exit a door wide enough for one. - May 28 2009
Nasijarvi, Finland

Wallpaper Other by pera 4 comments

Though I prefer the green of Spring and Summer, this was nicely done. Had to bump it up. - May 26 2009
Kerava river

Wallpaper Other by pera 2 comments

How I love the Spring. This shot captures the beauty of it quite well.

Thank you. - May 18 2009
local train

Wallpaper Other by pera 2 comments

I love it. - May 11 2009
Ryan VanSickle

Wallpaper Other by supersickle 1 comment

I'd like to see that place. Great shot. - May 11 2009

Wallpaper Other by ilovewindows 13 comments

I loved your original post. It's in the history here. Why keep hitting us with it? (You're not the only one). - Oct 08 2007
Road to Mt. Fuji

Wallpaper Other by zaniah 1 comment

Nicely done. Thank you for sharing. - Aug 21 2007
Dark Roads

Wallpaper Other by enigmatichus 1 comment

A pretty, yet unusual, pathway littered with unnecessary junk. I like the shot but it brings to mind how thoughtless we often are. - Aug 09 2007

Wallpaper Other by sarapiazza 3 comments

Like this one. Bumped it up. - Aug 02 2007

Landscapes by star-rider 2 comments

Love scenes like this. Voted up. - Jul 27 2007

Wallpaper Other by ilovewindows 13 comments

Nicely done. Belongs in a game with great graphics. Voted up for the beauty of it and your fine work. - Jul 25 2007

Wallpaper Other by ersan89 2 comments

A very pretty place. Thanks for sharing. - May 11 2007
I love to try to picture those old ruins when they were in their prime. Nice shot. - Apr 28 2007

Wallpaper Other by Saleru 1 comment

Neat having a camera handy at the right time and place. Better, having the wits to capture such a nice shot. - Apr 26 2007
Torbiere, Iseo

Wallpaper Other by Valla 2 comments

At first I didn't care for this shot but after looking at it a bit, I like it a lot.

Where's it located? - Apr 25 2007

Wallpaper Other by ksm 3 comments

Isn't that in West Texas? Near El Paso? - Apr 23 2007
New Zealand Trip 3

Wallpaper Other by lfb00 4 comments

Thanks for sharing. - Apr 11 2007