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Russ Bates

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 5 comments

Any chance of a 1280x1024 version??!? - Jun 16 2002
KDE 3Power Linux

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by haripako 1 comment

Good job. I like the idea - it's fresh. I'd like to see more around the taillight, to hint at some kind of muscular auto (and I guess I just don't care for a lot of unrelieved black on my desktop). An excellent idea, something I'd like to see more of (getting tired of the usual KDE 'blues'). - Jun 16 2002
Tribal Masks

Icon Sub-Sets by iForeman 11 comments

Wonderful, and I'd luv to decorate my screen with 'em. Only trouble, tho, is I'd promptly forget which one did what. Wotthehell, I'll figure it out somehow, I gotta have 'em... - Jun 13 2002
Organge Juice

Wallpaper Other by dflax 4 comments

Would look right at home on my desktop, if only... - Jun 13 2002

Icon Sub-Sets by pure 6 comments

I find the green/gray combo quite pleasant, and if the icon set were assembled, I'd install it and like it. Nice idea. - Jun 13 2002