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Martin Adler , Germany
Amarok Full Screen

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Mar 20 2007
Just my two cents but I think you should start off with cmake since this will be the future inside KDE. I think the documentation is really quite good, but OTOH I am no programmer...

Waiting ... ;-)

Martin - Mar 22 2007
how about using cmake or autotools to make the installation a bit more customizable? ... I have not installed it, since it want's to install in specific directories.

Just a though...


Martin - Mar 21 2007

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Nov 07 2007
The gentoo ebuild is included in portage. It is masked but it is there and up-to-date.

I suggest you remove the link or change it to link to:


Martin - Jul 25 2006
kFlickr Gentoo Ebuild

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Nov 25 2005
Hi there,
please ask the author of kflickr if you can add the ebuild to his download links. This is not a "kde-app" ... just an ebuild. I think it does not belong here.

Thanks though. :-)

RockHound - Nov 25 2005
Yakuake Gentoo ebuild

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

by faust
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Oct 19 2005
Or maybe just send the ebuild to the yakuake guy to include on its entry. That would make more sence then having an extra entry on - Oct 12 2005
Some thoughts...

Should it not go into kde-misc? And for me, the x11-??? dir was missing from the package... was just the yakuake dir and contents.

Other then that... thanks a bunch!


Martin - Oct 10 2005

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by alwin
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Aug 21 2013
Your programming speed is amazing. Keep up the good work! Maybe think about intigrating a kdevelop plugin?

Keep it up!

RockHound - Aug 05 2005

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Mar 26 2007
Configurable shortcuts would be better... ;-)

Otherwise great SysAdmin tool! - Mar 31 2005
Nuvola Splash Theme

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Mar 11 2005

looks good to me. One thing though ... could you put a KDE 3.3 version online please? Not using 3.4 as of yet.


RockHound - Mar 11 2005

Dolphin Service Menus 3 comments

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Dec 04 2004
support for UNIX compress (Z) would be cool aswell...

Keep up the good work. - Dec 04 2004

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Aug 20 2015
Hi there,

I love your application ever since you released it. I was wondering when the next release will be available?

Will there be a homepage (sourceforge project)? There are surely people who would love to provide some patches (don't count on me, I can't code) :-))

What about switching the app to use /sys? Would this be even doable/reasonable/"make sense at all"?

Anyways, keep up the good work!


Martin - Dec 02 2004
I really like the app (service).

One thing that is kind of disturbing, is that when one logs off, the icons appear in the top left corner of the screen for a millisecond. Seams something with logoff interpretation is wrong. But this is not top priority. ;-)

Keep it up!

Martin - Oct 01 2004
themable SVG icons

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 12 comments

by H00K
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Nov 18 2004
... but shouldn't the link be

Maybe someday. :-)


Martin - Nov 14 2004
Password Creator

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Oct 17 2004
a noob but...:

root@rockhound passwordcreator # make install
( [ -d src ] && cd src ; grep "^qmake_all:" Makefile && make -f Makefile qmake_all; ) || true
( [ -d src ] && cd src ; make -f Makefile install; ) || true
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/martin/temp/passwordcreator/src'
make[1]: Nothing to be done for `install'.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/martin/temp/passwordcreator/src'

??? - Oct 05 2004

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Oct 15 2005
Hi there...

Would it possible to add support for Quickswitch (

Great app otherwise. :-)

Martin - Oct 02 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 244 comments

by dave
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Oct 15 2004
Excellent... :-D

Thanx for the info!

Martin - Jul 29 2004
Hi there,

when can we expect another release? RC maybe? I am so anticipated i couldn't hold it. ;-)

Love your work!


Martin - Jul 26 2004

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Aug 03 2004
Hi there,

there was an app called kportage back in the kde 3.1.x days. Maybe you can talk to the devs and/or look at there code. I believe the problem was back then, that portage changed way to fast to keep up the development.


Martin - Jul 26 2004

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Sep 08 2006

maybe you should team up with the kumula project.


Martin - Jul 07 2004

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Aug 01 2011
We hit 1.0... I am so excited... oh sh*t ... just wet my pants. :-)

Cool stuff...


Martin - Jun 17 2004
Hi there,

just wanted to let you know that all of the regressions which made me switch back from beta3 to beta2 are now all fixed IMO. I really like the build.

Great job! Keep up the good work!

Martin - Jun 02 2004

Dolphin Service Menus 229 comments

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Oct 31 2019
Good job on this!

What about including the possibility to convert all wavs in a folder? Or multiple file selection..


Martin - May 14 2004

Database 42 comments

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Dec 25 2006
it is a kpart. This could be really usefull in apps like amarok or juk.

Is this device oriented? Meaning that if /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 is already in use by another CD, it will look through /dev/cdroms/cdrom* till it finds the one... And if none foud eject first empty Optical Drive :-)... - May 05 2004

Chat & Messenging 100 comments

by mattr
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Jul 13 2006
Maybe intigrate konference (also found here) since it is a kpart. This would help both projects grow to a mature communication platform. Just my two cents!


Martin - May 01 2004

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Aug 25 2004
You're welcome. :-) Thats what the community is for...

BTW, are you building this as a kpart? This could be included in a bunch of apps to enhance there functionality.


Martin - Apr 27 2004
Hi there,

tried to explain this issue to the krename guy but he couldn't get the Win progs to run.

I would love to see a feature which could contact the freedb and update my album dir tags/filenames according to my preferred schema... For a detailed description of what i wanted to see:

If you could manage to do that, you'd be the bomb!


Martin - Apr 26 2004

Utilities 74 comments

by Fry26
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Jul 12 2006
This morning, under the shower :-), i was thinking up this exact thing. Why not have a ipod kioslave?! Well... Damn! You beat me to it. Congrats!!! Keep up the good work! - Apr 18 2004
Kim (Kde Image Menu)

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Feb 23 2009
Very true.

This is something that every platform should have out of the box.

Great little helper!

martin - Apr 07 2004
Concerning the preserving of the original image: isn't it possible to ask the user if he want's to keep the original or replace it? Maybe make a option menu.. The graphics stuff should be packaged together in a seperate menugroup under actions i think. But that is just my opinion.

Other wise great job!


Martin - Mar 25 2004

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Nov 28 2006
I would love to see a kio::portage.. Would push the development of a nice portage kde frontend.

Good job! - Apr 07 2004
Plastik for Firefox

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 167 comments

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Apr 10 2006
Great job!

One thing i noticed is that the new tab button looks really low res. But that could be just me with way too little sleep.

Good night,

Martin - Mar 23 2004

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Apr 25 2005
/usr/qt/3/bin/uic -L /usr/kde/3.2/lib/kde3/plugins/designer -nounload -o ktm_wizard.h ./ktm_wizard.ui
uic: File generated with too recent version of Qt Designer (3.3 vs. 3.2.3)

Way to go... :-) - Feb 10 2004

Utilities 227 comments

by trueg
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Jun 30 2010
Why just not take out the interval between songs ... its not crossfading but it stop the nasty pauses between tracks... Crossfading IMO would be hard to do, because that is not the task of a cd/dvd burning software... - Jan 08 2004
mpc / monkey audio support would be really cool...

Other than that... I love it... All there is to it :-) - Jan 06 2004