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Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes by ECHM 346 comments

"Just compile it yourself"...

...Hmmm, I wonder why the only people who use Linux are engineers????

Get a clue. If the "year of Linux" is to ever have a shot at actually happening, then Linux has to be usable by "non-geeks." You know what, I have a bachelor's degree in compsci and have worked with computers for 10 years, and am probably the sort of person who could figure things out and make it compile if he wanted to; but to make my point I WON'T. The average computer user doesn't want to see either source code or a command line, and Ubuntu is the one Linux distro aiming to make it so they don't have to.

I'll wait till you come out with standard packages, or until someone at Ubuntu creates an "official" one, and until then I have no intention of trying it whether it looks cool or not. - Apr 30 2007
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes by ECHM 346 comments

...but may I request a standard Ubuntu .deb file? (and on behalf of non-Ubuntu users, packages for a few other distros?) - Apr 23 2007
nuoveXT 2

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 70 comments

...the one thing about it I never liked was that the trash can, when full, simply put a cover on it. I know this would kinda be like everyone else, but maybe make trash bulging out under the cover? - Apr 19 2007
Iphone GDM theme

GDM Themes by paullinux 14 comments

...what? No Zune GDM theme? - Mar 27 2007
OSX Graphite

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Wiill 5 comments

>>> If anyone knows about a good dock other than gnome panel that looks enough like a Mac please, tell me.

I haven't tried using it much yet, but the big one seems to be Avant Window Navigator: - Mar 19 2007
Murrina Aero

GTK2 Themes by Cyr4x 24 comments

Also, can the progress bars be made to "spin" as with most other murrine themes? - Mar 14 2007
Murrina Aero

GTK2 Themes by Cyr4x 24 comments

I've seen murrine themes with scroll bars that have three lines in the middle, as vista does. A good example is Murrina Fancy Sea (Which I often use as an XP look-alike).
(See top screen shot)

Can the scroll bars be made to be "a little less murrine, and a little more vista?" - Mar 14 2007

GTK2 Themes by DrSnow 1 comment

...I never use any theme that has the text areas anything but white, or at least very light. This is the problem with the majority of dark themes. I like dark colors, but not where I'm trying to work.

FYI: Clearlooks-Brisk also looks great with the "Smooth Milk Tango" window decor. - Mar 13 2007
Most Gnome users already have the KDE bits installed, because they run an occasional QT app. I think only the most hardcore Gnome "purists" would care. Also consider that most Gnome themes can't be configured at all, or only with a text file.

Look at this from an end user's perspective:
1. Under either Gnome or KDE QtCurve looks GREAT. Once installed, you'd have to be an expert to tell that it's QT in disguise, rather than "real" GTK.
2. Once the appropriate control centers are both set to use QtCurve, all programs now look IDENTICAL regardless of which environment they were meant for.
3. This is one of the few Gnome themes that doesn't look retarded with a vertical panel.
4. This is also one of the few Gnome themes with animated progress bars.
5. Most Linux Newbies and non-engineers are agnostic about Gnome vs. KDE and QT vs. GTK, they just want their programs to work (and they don't want to see two different sets of widgets).
6. Gnome users will appreciate that you can configure this theme with a GUI instead of a text file.
7. Gnome users will appreciate that you can configure this theme at all.

Regardless of the need to have KDE Libraries installed (which most Gnome users have anyways) this is one of the very best Gnome themes I've ever seen. Fantastic job CraigD! - Mar 07 2007
Having an identical GTK theme is fantastic. On top of that, it stands alone as an excellent GTK theme. This should be posted to Gnome Look as well. Us Gnome users really appreciate having our QT apps look the same as everything else. - Mar 07 2007

GTK2 Themes by seedslow 3 comments

Ah. I see it. You might lighten them slightly, but the check is visible against the background as it is (except for people who have a crummy monitor). - Mar 05 2007

GTK2 Themes by seedslow 3 comments

Not bad at all. Don't call it ugly. :)

This is actually a very good, usable, and functional Murrine theme. It goes well with the "Plastik" Metacity theme, or the "SolidSlateModified" Beryl theme. - Mar 05 2007
Only other place to get .51 is in the Feisty repository... which doesn't do any good for those of us who would like to upgrade now. - Mar 01 2007
Windoze Professional

GDM Themes by HaNieL 16 comments

I think we need themes that closely resemble the XP and Vista in order to help with "technophobe" users making the switch, but don't use the actual Microsoft graphics. They are not necessary to make the switch, and they only help people like Steve Ballmer who make the claim that the open source community does not respect intellectual property.

Mr Ballmer's comments about an "undisclosed balance sheeet" are hot air. .. So don't give him substance with which to file a lawsuit against someone. - Mar 01 2007

GTK2 Themes by seitaisei 16 comments

Can you do something like Blackened Striped Yellow, but without the stripes? - Feb 12 2007

GTK2 Themes by seitaisei 16 comments

This is by far the best dark theme I have seen. Most others insist on making even the text fields dark, which usually makes them either horrible looking or not practical to use. Other dark GTK theme developers need to look at this one as an example. This is a dark theme done right. - Feb 11 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by deathknight 3 comments

I don't suppose you can do the "Vicious Dark" Metacity theme as well? It's essentially the same as Vicious/Alphacube, but the top is black. (Try it with the "Vicious Jet" or "Murrina Fancy Human" GTK themes to see what I'm hoping to get.) - Feb 07 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes by deathknight 3 comments

...Should have called it "Alphacube" - Feb 07 2007
Celtic knot Beryl theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by cybermage 3 comments

Very nice indeed - Jan 28 2007
Vines Beryl Theme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by cybermage 10 comments

It's about time we had something as creative as this! Can you come up with unique buttons that match the style, rather than just rip-off Vista? - Jan 28 2007