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Robert Maxe , Sweden
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Mar 04 2007
Hi Andrey!

I received this ebuild from Matteo Azzali. This one should work for the "lang"-version:

# Copyright 1999-2003 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: $

inherit kde
need-kde 3.3

DESCRIPTION="KDE front-end for XmlTv"
IUSE="" - Jun 08 2006
Hey! Thanks for your kind words! The "sticky behaviour" is actually implemented so that you don't have to use the keyboard every time you want to use a filter. If you want to deselect several channel-filters you just have to click one of them and hold the button down while dragging the pointer over the other ones. Or, if you don't have that many channels; just click below the channels and all selections will disappear. - Feb 27 2006

Have you viewed the .xml-file and verified that it actually contains data? If it does; please send me the xml-file and tell me which xmltv-binary that generated it.

Thanks! - Feb 27 2006
Hey Matteo!

Thanks for your kind words! =) Your idea has actually crossed my mind, although I haven't implemented any requests or ideas concerning the favourite-system YET. I know the fav-system needs a large rebuild, so I've made a list with requests here. Your request is now on it! =) I'm stuffed with work right now, although as soon as I get the time I'll update mtvg's fav-system! =)

Cheers man! Thanks for using it! - Dec 03 2005
Hi Trasher!

I tried the very same command and got the exact same output ("as_text"..). I then tried to fetch the absolute latest version , from the CVS. Then it worked as it should! =) So try the tv_grab_fr in the CVS, it works!

Cheers mate! - Dec 03 2005
Hi Thomas!

TvToday changed their webpages slightly a while ago, so you probably need to update the grabber script; check out the cvs at:

Hope it works with the new grabber!

Cheers! =) - Oct 30 2005
Hi Andreas!

Sometimes, when the grabber works in a shell but not in mtvg, you could try adding the parameter --quiet to the grabber. Although, this might be another issue. You could try to replace the tilde sign (~) with your real /home/name. If it still doesn't work, try to touch the output file. Please try these suggestions and tell me how it goes. =)

Cheers man! - Oct 27 2005
Hi Frank!

I'm not sure actually, I'm afraid that I can't really test it either. If you send me a tar'ed .xml-file maybe I could look more into it. Thanks man! - Oct 09 2005
Hi Jirka!

Thanks for the improvement suggestion! The reason this suggestion didn't make the latest "request release" is that I'm thinking about rewriting the favourite system. I'm not sure what to include, but I'll definitely consider your idea! =)

Thanks for the ideas man!

Cheers! - Oct 09 2005
Hi Thomas!

Yes, I'm aware of the problem and I'm terribly sorry about that crappy bug! Please try to replace the files on this page [] and recompile mtvg. It works perfect for me when I use the de-grabber! Please tell me if it works and I'll make it more official! =)

Thanks for your feedback man! I really do appreciate it!

Cheers! - Oct 09 2005
Hi Tekwyzrd!

Thanks for some great feedback! I just realized that I've been referring new users to the INSTALL-file instead of the README.. Crap! =) That's not good.. However, this is fixed now and I hope new users now finds it easier to get it up and running. Thanks! Watch out for the upcoming release, I think you might like it! =)

Cheers! - Sep 30 2005
Hey Robert!

You won't see that anymore once you have entered the update command in the preferences-tab, so it shouldn't really be a problem and bother you anymore. Although it is certanly something I should look into and fix! =) Thanks for the feedback man, I really appreciate it!

Cheers! - Sep 18 2005
Hey Tomski!

All text in red are output from the external grabber, in this case the tv_grab_nl. Generally, if the grabber works fine in a console but gives errors or strange messages in mtvg; try to use the parameter --quiet with the grabber. This seems to solve problems for some users. Thanks for trying mtvg and for your feedback!

Cheers! - Sep 17 2005
Hey Thomas!
1) Aaah! Of course! I never snap away the prefs-tabs so I've never noticed that! Thanks a bunch for that one! =)
2) I thought of this too, but I'm not quite sure exactly how that should work. I will give it some thought when I've got some spare time. =)
3) Hey! That sounds terrific! Although I guess I can't really try it out.. =)
Thanks for your feedback, I really do appreciate it!
Cheers man! - Jul 27 2005
Hi Thomas!
I'm afraid there are no such plans at the moment. I'm currently not in a country where tv-listings are supported by nexTView. =( I'm not even sure if there are such (EPG) signals in our analogue network..? =)
Cheers! - Jul 19 2005
Sorry about the update tag, I just moved the project into a more appropriate category. - Jul 19 2005
Thanks! Well, it serves the same purpose, but I don't think they're much alike actually. I couldn't find any app presenting the tv-listings in this short way, the way I like it! =) Hope you guys like it too. Please do send me some comments and suggestions for improvements! It is always nice to get some feedback!
Cheers lads! - Jul 18 2005