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Roberto Tamburrino S.Cipriano D'Aversa (CE), Italy
Game of KDE

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 4 comments

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Jun 03 2018
personal taste, the judgment is to the person !

- Jun 03 2018
NewItaly theme Aisleriot

Aisleriot 2 comments

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Apr 23 2009
perfect por game solitare 3or3 ...god master crea Asleriot !? - Mar 28 2012
9 would you like in the paper that "QC" which is in Italian:cavaliere di Queen
is replaced by "QK" that would be all in English: Knight of the Queen ?

or think like me that is fine because it is a nice feature? remember that you can change it anyway ...
- Jul 09 2009
Beta Force 4 : Gnome Vs kde

Various Gnome Stuff 1 comment

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Nov 07 2009
I'm looking for a way to add this file so that it is read by force 4 (I tried substituting the name of those present and it is fine but is not read by different names from those), so if anyone knows me could say? - Nov 05 2009

Aisleriot 2 comments

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Aug 16 2009
mean ITALY-COLOR (3 links) with Green and Red seed? plan to another? - Aug 16 2009
Aisleriot Solitaire

Aisleriot 9 comments

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Nov 29 2006
Made what was missing! really beautiful ... I give the link available if others encounter the same problem! - Apr 23 2009
certainly is a beautiful theme! But the cards do not appear because I have noticed with Inkscape that the properties of ID cards is that label do not coincide with the names placed in the same way in all other styles of cards including DEFAULT ... - Apr 19 2009
KDE Neon Mountain

Wallpapers KDE Plasma
by DelsaDj

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Aug 10 2019