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Robert Oswald Berlin, Germany
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Beryl/Emerald Themes 8 comments

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Aug 06 2007
Thanks, but which version of LiNsta it could be?
I have installed LiNsta3 and it looks diffrent, the font in the menus is white not black and the scrollbuttons of the windows looks diffrent, too.

robbyrob - Aug 31 2007
which GTK Theme (buttons and controls) is it on your screenshot?

robbyrob - Aug 28 2007
Fedora Gnome Vista Panel

Gnome Screenshots 13 comments

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Apr 09 2007
Just download the archive....the button and the transparent panelbackground is in it. I don´t have the button without the Fedora Logo anymore, just take it an play with Gimp. I have done so with the original vistabutton ;-) - Apr 28 2007
Ok, there are several things playing together in my Desktop Design. I can make a Description which Themes have been installed and which changes I have made.
Give me some days..... - Apr 02 2007
Hi, Linsta is the GTK Theme for Gnome, it works with or without Beryl. From Linsta I use the Controls. Simply click on System -> Preferences -> Theme. - Mar 30 2007
Ok, go to the Folder where you have LiNsta installed and then go to the gtk-2.0 directory. Just edit the "gtkrc", jump to the last lines, there are entries for the menubars.
That´s mine:
class "GtkMenuBar*" style "menubar-green-blue"
widget_class "*MenuBar.*" style "menubar-green-blue"
widget_class "*Nautilus*.GtkMenuBar*" style "menubar-green-blue"
- Mar 12 2007
Do you mean the green-blue menubars? They are from LiNsta3 Theme. - Mar 11 2007
Gnome Blue

Wallpapers Gnome 3 comments

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Jan 03 2007
Is there a version in 1280x1024 or bigger?
It looks great but the resolution is a bit to small for my desktop.
- Mar 13 2007