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river reyes , Saudi Arabia
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KDE Plasma Screenshots

Karamba & Superkaramba 19 comments

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Dec 23 2006
I tried it both with SuSE Linux 9.1 & 9.3, but it doesn't show up.

What's the need for pyXML to launch it?

Please help!

- Nov 29 2006
General Dynamics F-16

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Nov 15 2005
thanks for the wonderful comments lockblade. - Jan 07 2006
so you call yourself an advocate of PEACE? what a sick joke!

take a good look at how indifferent you are hippie kid. this is just a wallpaper that has nothing to do with war agression of your times. if u dont like it..fine..go ahead,,be my guest but never take it to the point where you are delivering to us your sentiments about wars that only in ur mind existed.

A-10 Warthogs TankBusters are the ones delivering your tankbusting DU bullets FYI. & If you ask me how many of them were fired, your guess is as good as mine. Have a nice day kid! - Nov 16 2005
It just amazes me how people like you liquidnight manages to strive out living in the 21st century with the kind of backward and ignorant way of thinking that you have. I thought you and your Afghan Taleban relatives were eliminated by F-16s Falcons.
The internet FYI! is open ended and somehow you can never dictate what others would wish they would want to do responsibly with it.
People like you should stay away from it and go back in the woods were you came from.
Wait for my F-15 Eagle wallpaper upload…
- Nov 16 2005
Thank you all for the comments, either critizising or favouring this wallpaper that i submitted.

It goes on to say that:
" people can look at the same thing but see it differently."

Have a lovely day on our linux machines. i'll never go back to windows again though i am being paid to support them.

RiverRaid - Nov 15 2005