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Riccardo Ganzerla

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Jul 30 2008
that's awesome

dove l'hai scattata?!? È Magnifica! - Jul 30 2008
the real one

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May 25 2006
why you posted if you knew this was an OT or sort of?

listen, probably I'm wrong, and I should start posting OT too, who cares.

bye - May 25 2006
We all know, Berlusconi is evil, it's good he's been defeated, the world is a better place now etc etc. I keep not understanding what has this to do with and themes. - May 25 2006
... Berlusconi does not concern gnome themes, period. I'd like to comment a metacity/gtk2/icon theme more than talking about politics.

Simply, to me, that image looked a very poor background for my desktop, and simply an excuse to make jest of the defeated politician. This makes that post something very close to an OT. And still looks so, at least to me.

You like talking about politics, of open source licences, and any other sort of thing? Please, do it, but not here. - May 25 2006
please keep politics and related things outsite this site. - May 25 2006
kppp dockicons

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Nov 01 2002
in english

ps: preferisco l'italiano ma - Nov 01 2002
Ferrari Splash (Version 2)

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by h0rde
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Aug 09 2002
tnx for you work, it's very nice - Aug 09 2002
118 helicopter rescue

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Jul 17 2002
oh oh, funny, I'm from modena and looking on I find a background shot in pavullo, that's queer enough :)

nice shot anyway

e quest'anno siamo pure in a... - Jul 17 2002