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Ralf Habacker , Germany
Financial Times Fund

Skrooge Quote Sources by miraks 1 comment

Just checked this online quote service and recognized two issues:
1. The date string captured by the date regex includes time and timezone, which fails with the given QDate format string 'MMM dd yyyy' . The date regex needs to be changed to something like Date=minutes, as of ([^\.]*)\s\d+:
I removed alo the term with the '15' minutes to be more robust for further changes.
2. The website has been refactored to use javascript to include the related content, which means using KIO to download the page content will not return the request data anymore. (I guessed that SKGServices::downloadToStream uses KIO, at least with KMymoney, which uses KIO, parsing fails). A solution for this issue is to use QWebKit, which supports javascript out of the box.

BTW: There is work in progress to add enhanced support of fetching and parsing online qoutes for finance applications to alkimia library based on QWebKit, GHNS, which will also be usable by skrooge (and other finance applications). If there is any interest, let me know for further informations.
- Jun 26 2018