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Jan 12 2006
does it work using drag'n'drop? - Sep 27 2006
yes: you miss the kdebase-devel package on your system. Just install it. - Jan 12 2006
please, could you send this kind of message on the showimg mailing list ( ) or me directly (ric__at__jalix_dot_org) and could you be more precise by giving the name of your distribution, your QT/KDE version and, as attached file, the config.log file and the complete 'make' output.

Thanks a lot - Jan 12 2006
Ho, I see...
But it's really strange because showimg is a 'KUniqueApplication' so you should not have several windows but only one, with displayed image changing each time you open a new image.

you have showimg 0.9.4? - Aug 25 2005
> I can open, say, 8 images from konqueror.
You mean: open then close showimg 8 times?

> Is there a way to detect if Showimg has already been started (eg. DCOP) and then just to open a new window from the already started application instance?
It's almost already done in fact: if showimg is started and you launch 'another' showimg giving a folder, then the started instance will open the given folder - Aug 25 2005
at my workplace I need to view SVG, PSD and JPEG2000, but I didn't find the viewer that could show all this formats correctly
Well JPEG2000 and SVG will be supported in next release (see showimg ML for alpha release) and you need gimp and perl extension for gimp to see PSD files (I need help to support PSD nativily) - Jun 01 2005
well... showimg is an 'old' image viewer :) the first release is Apr. 20, 2001 - May 09 2005
The packager is warn but... quite busy those days :) - Jan 19 2005
Ok, so don't forget to install kdebase-devel before compiling and all will be ok ;) - Jan 18 2005
Ok thanks, I'll contact the Suse packager to warn him - Jan 09 2005
> I've installed guru's package of showimg 0.9.4 but it seems it hasn't been compiled with kipi there a way to enable it or I need to compile it myself? I can use them in digikam...

Can you send me the url where you've download it? In 'Configure showimg', have you the entry 'Plugins' as shown here?

> And I've missed probably something or if it is not possible to browse through samba folders?
Not yet, but why not... - Dec 30 2004
> In particular I miss an option, that sorts by directory first and by name second.

Done in Showimg - 0.9.4 - Dec 05 2004
They are not 'immediatly' supported I mean you can't display them immediatly, BUT they can be converted into tiff/png/... using the kipi-plugin called 'KIPI Raw image batch converter'. See screenshot here: - Dec 05 2004
Done! I'll release showimg 0.9.4 very soon... but you can try it now using CVS (in kdeextragear-2, ) - Sep 13 2004
> In particular I miss an option, that sorts by directory first and by name second.

well.. why not... I can to it for the next comming release... - Sep 01 2004
The digikam.xml files are due to the digikam plugin support. The next release of showimg... comming soon... will use the new plugin achitecture, called 'kipi' and the digikam.xml will not be created anymore... - Aug 19 2004
Thanks, it has been fixed and you can access now! - Jul 08 2004
please send me your bug report by e-mail, it's easier for me to manage them.

thanks, - Mar 11 2004
bOris, it would be easier if you send me e-mail :) - Feb 20 2004
Thanks, I do my best :) - Feb 20 2004
It compiles with KDE 3.2 but I've just tested it with KDE 3.1. - Feb 20 2004