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Rémy Greinhofer
PlaybaK (aka KDE Media Player)

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Jul 11 2010
For the ssh key, the command is "ssh-keygen -t rsa".

You can read this for a bit more information: - Jul 14 2010
That's no big deal. In the worst case there will be a file conflict and you'll have to talk with the person who modified the file to resolve it (git will show you the common part(s) that have been modified).

But the best school to learn all this tricks is to try it ;) - Jul 14 2010
How do you work, I don't know ;) But creating a gitorious project is easy. Just register, go to your dashboard click on "create a new project", fill the form, and then read this instructions provided when clicking on the question mark next to clone and push URLs.

To learn about git, I would go there: and especilly read the pro git book:

Hope this help. - Jul 14 2010

Just want to leave a message to tell you that you started a great job.

However, I really think that you should create a gitourious repository and let the people help you. The task is too big for only one man. Besides I'm sure it would quickly help to fix some basic issues like why can't I double click on the screen to switch to full screen mode, or why can't I see the slider to navigate within a movie when I am in full screen mode, and so on...

I have read that you are affraid of "loosing" your code, and not being able to understand it after a while. But this is also part of improving your skills. Moreover the FOSS spirit is to help each other, and I'm sure that the people submitting patches will not be upset if you ask some explaination.

You already have 17 fans of your project. I would bet that at least 3 or 4 would be happy to contribute to this project and make it evolve faster and better. I would already be.

I hope I convinced you.

Rémy - Jul 14 2010

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Dec 29 2010
Hi Robbi!

This is a known problem which is solved in the v0.2.

Could you try to download it from gitorious (commit c450a909), and let us know if your problem is solved? - Jul 01 2010

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Feb 04 2011
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Jun 23 2010

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Jun 18 2010