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Conky [JamesHardy88]

Conky 17 comments

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May 20 2009
yes the clock, I love the ubuntu clock but it looks out of place on mint wallpaper with the mint logo in the center, come to think of it I will now dump the mint wallpaper and keep the ubuntu clock, also james, please check your Charcoal (SlicknesS Remix) page where I've posted a couple of questions. Conky instructions are fine by the way. - May 17 2009
nicest implementation of conky ever, ... please do a linux mint logo for us mint brothers ... props & RESPECT - May 15 2009
Charcoal (SlicknesS Remix)

GTK2 Themes 30 comments

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Jun 01 2009
@james, great theme I'm using it in Linux Mint, the set-up instructions for CONKY are perfect although obtaining the licence key for the weather panel was long-winded. I have a few questions ... first is where can I find the Charcoal Wallpaper in your screenshot, and second, how can I get those 3 CONKY scripts to auto-load (one after the other) on start up, thanks for all your hard work, it's much appreciated. - May 17 2009