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Sebastian Busch
Matrix Revolutions Wallpaper

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Nov 13 2003
... of Windows "Matrix Reloaded" (Matrix3D) screensaver by

If so then at least give credit - Oct 30 2003

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by ceebx
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Oct 17 2003

What's this "reverse layout" thing? If i only wouldn't be so curious...

Sebastian - Aug 30 2003

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Jul 30 2003
Had the same problem. Did not specify --enabled-final or --disable-final params for configure, just --prefix.

Your "patch" worked for me :)

Thx for this fine style! - Jul 29 2003

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by adros
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May 13 2003
One of my favorite wallpapers! Great work! - May 13 2003

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by XTD
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Feb 19 2003
Forgot the last lines...

--- snip ---

Last but not least...enjoy! :)

FOOOD's Icons

Big thanks to Marvilla & KaosAD for all their help :)
- Feb 19 2003
... cheek, if you will pardon my saying so.

He (some person called "foood") writes these are his icons and are copyrighted blah blah. Moron!

Someone should contact Everaldo / Crystal team so they can take further steps against this person.

Below is the Readme that was included in the ZIP file. My favorite line: "Do not take credit for creating my icons."

And to the person who posted this here: it's a damn ZIP file containing PNG files. Maybe there are tools that can set these files as icons, but it's definitely not an KDE ICON THEME! Don't distribute CRAP!

--- snip ---

XP iCandy - Feb 19 2003

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by dotpl
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Sep 25 2002
... for a "unmodified" version :) - Sep 25 2002
could you provide the unmodified original, too (without kde gears and without text)??


Sebastian - Sep 24 2002
KSplashManager (was Splashman)

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Nov 26 2002

I clicked on the link after "email addr". Then i filled out the form and submitted, did'nt report any error messages, so i thought it would arrive. Please check where these mails are arriving...

I don't have the console output any more.

I don't remember what paths i entered, and i don't remember what i did exactly (except that it was importing an splash-tarball). I was heavy testing splashman because i did'nt get it correctly working, so i cannot reproduce the steps that in result deleted my homedir.

Check your code for places where files get deleted, in addition with wrong path(s) and/or an internal error it deleted my homedir.

Maybe you find my mail... sorry...


- Aug 13 2002

i sent you already via some feedback (incl. console output)

if this mail didn't arrive then you have to figure out by yourself because i did'nt keep the console output and i don't remember which path i entered.

it happend when importing a splash-tarball, splashman reported an error, afterwards my homedir was erased...

sorry for not having more information...

sebastian - Aug 12 2002
Don't use this version! I erroneously entered some wrong paths, while importing an splash-tarball splashman erased my complete home-dir (except .xyz files in ~)


Sebastian - Aug 12 2002
Young Jedi Theme - thanks Ayo73

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Feb 24 2002
just wonderung why you aren't using font aliasing...

everyone how wants to submit a screenshot should activate this, looks IMHO much better
- Feb 20 2002