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Reto Schoelly
MahJongg 3D Solitaire

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Jun 26 2004
Another idea: I think that you have duplicated OpenGL libs (*). This may happen if someone has both hardware accelerated libGL's and software libGL's installed.

Maybe you can search in /usr for*. If you find these files in more than one directory, renaming one set to *.bak could resolve the problem. (Don't forget to make backups of these files :-))) - Jun 20 2004
Hmm. I see the difficulty, but changing axis directions could be somehow distracting for other users... But I will think about your idea :-) - Jun 19 2004
QGLWidget is part of QT 3.x (so of QT 3.3), and it also should be part of the suse RPM's of qt3.3. If you send me an email with your error messages (and a text file about what your glxinfo says), maybe I can tell what the problem is... :-) - Jun 13 2004
The QGLWidget represents QT's interface to OpenGL, the problem you encountered often occurs when a user compiles his own QT and forgets the -enable-opengl switch when ./configure -ing QT.

Did you compile QT yourselves? If yes, try recompiling it with -enable-opengl (this option is not activated by default!). If it doesn't work, you can always send me an email :-) - Jun 06 2004
Maybe it works if you tried "mahjongg3d-run" instead of "mahjongg3d"? - May 27 2004
Of course you can use the game without DRI. If you're using an NVIDIA graphics board, it will anyways use its own OpenGL API implementation and NOT DRI. Send me a mail if you don't get it running, maybe I can help you with that...

But some sort of OpenGL acceleration (be it NVIDIAs or ATIs or something else's) is heavily recommended, as the game uses 128x128 textures. You still can use Mesa 3D, wich will make the game running, but:

Playing this game would be very sluggish with a computer Luther would have typed his theses with ;-)))) - May 17 2004
Sorry, i just encountered an error in the makefile, I will update it today.
It was not your fault :-) - May 14 2004
The problem is the following: your compile environment is trying to compile the game for athlon xp processors, which is possible if you are using gcc compilers version 3.2 and later (check the version with gcc --version). You seem to be using a lower version, therefore, try using "i686" settings by typing

export CFLAGS="-march=i686"

export CXXFLAGS="-march=i686"

before compiling it.

OR: use a higher gcc version (check your distribution's website)

OR: try compiling the game as designated in the README in the package

- May 14 2004
I tried to find out what the problem that you encountered could be, but all seems to work right, Have you installed the game to /usr as root? - May 11 2004
The makefile does not yet set appropriate permissions if you install it as root and try using it as generic user.

If it doesn't work, you should first try to install it to your home directory. And don't forget the preceding "/" before "usr" if you are trying to install it globally to /usr/... :-)))

Anyways, if you still got problems, you can always send me an email :-) - May 11 2004