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Reto Schoelly
Quicksilver (Kill me!)

Wallpaper Other by reto 7 comments

By the way: don't mistake me - I made this wallpaper with the GIMP! - Sep 08 2002
Quicksilver (Kill me!)

Wallpaper Other by reto 7 comments

yeah, why should you want to KILL ME and so on? Because I am insane enough to not use Microsoft products and still NOT HATING THEM. Some of them are very powerful - Microsoft's not sooo bad! Ok, Linux is (for users like me) the only sensible choice, but so what?

I use Linux because it's cheaper and more transparent and more stable and (really!) more user friendly (given the case that user-friendly docs are available ) and because of some other reasons. But I don't think that Gates wants to take over the world.

I WOULD use win-dos if it would prove enough functionality for me, but it simply is not powerful enough for the things I want to do (but to be just: with WinXP Mega-Macrosoft has done a not-so-bad-job).

And I don't need silly symbols like or to say that there currently is no "I Love you" virus that is able to run on my system or kill it. I don't need to fight WinDOS. Or Megahard. I simply use the system that's better for me.

Linux. (LFS). - Sep 07 2002
Quicksilver (Kill me!)

Wallpaper Other by reto 7 comments

Thanks a lot, it's not a work that took hours - but maybe people will get the message. - Sep 07 2002
KDE Violet Metal

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by sbrown1038 4 comments

I don't understand all those bad votings - this image shows a nice result of hard work.

Maybe many of KDE-look's visitors want hardcore transparency- and shadows-hacking with gigantic effects and breath-taking animations (that appear after clicking on a button). That would be cool, but while waiting i'll be glad to see some more cool wallpapers.

Good job, keep it up

Ciao, Reto - Aug 16 2002
new keramik? drop shadows? now?

Various Stuff by sheean 11 comments

Hi, the shadows are not part of the keramik style - it seems to me that they are part of the kdelibs. You will have to dld kde-cvs (see to learn how) and compile it.

I don't think the shadows will work with kde3.0 (but of course keramik does!) - Aug 15 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots by reto 7 comments

better use SuSE Professional, it's got better docs and more features. But even there KNewsTicker isn't described.

Maybe it's time for a kde-features site... It seems to me that many people miss great features just because they don't know about them. - Apr 02 2002
Tribute to NYC

Wallpaper Other by aemadrid 9 comments

What is meant by

KDE - the K Desktop Environment. What the K stands for is not completely known to me, but they say that it's the letter that stands after the L like "Linux" in the latin alphabet.

"org" means organization, mostly used as suffixes of US organizations and also open source pages.

"look" means "see!" as well as "to see" as well as "to know" or "know!" as well as "feel!" or "to feel".

Why is this piece of work a bad one if shown on a page like this? A page that has "look" in its name as well as, as far as I understand it "feel", why not upload things like this? I have not often seen pictures that drew my attention to them like these kinds of pictures. Maybe because I've seen them and I think of them to be very beautyful. Why they are beautyful or why not I let you decide.

This is not about politics, right. Just about beauty, i believe. But now I've learned to know that many poeple see beauty differently as others and fight them because of this.

Is this site not about look & feel? It's a question, not a judgment of the previous comments. - Mar 15 2002