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Stanislav Pukanec , Slovak Republic
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LIF - BERYL animated skydome

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Apr 01 2007
I can send that picture to You if You write Your e-mail address. - Jun 09 2007
The second one (latitude - longitude picture) includes complete global view and the first one does not ("up" and "down" view is missing). The first one is better for setting as a skydome but contains less objects than the latitude longitude picture.
The disadvantage of the latitude - longitude image is that it is deformed if used as a skydome. The reason is probably the form of the sky ball (I think it is a ball). I don't know about other users but I think the sky ball is wider than it should be.

I am calling it "animated skydome" because it can be used as animated. Some skydomes are not seamless and therefore it is not convenient to use them as animated. I want people to know what they are about to download. - Apr 01 2007

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Feb 11 2007
How can I make the window menu panel look like that (green glass effect) in KDE? - Mar 27 2007
Doom 3 Hell - Guardian (Beryl animated skydome)

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Mar 05 2007
I am using Beryl. You need to set the image as a skydome in Your Beryl settings manager.
Go to Beryl settings manager - Desktop - Desktop cube - Skydome - load the skydome (png) and in this case turn "Animate skydome" ON if You like it.

That's all. - Mar 26 2007
I will move it as soon as the skydome category appears in menu. I do not see it there yet. - Mar 16 2007
Doom 3 - Delta (Beryl animated skydome)

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Mar 06 2007
I am glad You like it.
About the wallpaper You are looking for - one of Your possibilities is to set Your desktop completly transparent (in Beryl manager settings) so that the skydome will act as Your wallpaper. But I believe there are beter choices :-) - Mar 07 2007