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ren t0n , Italy

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Mar 22 2010
No that's not a feature...It's an annoying bug I have no idea how to fix. :) - Jun 28 2011
Yes it's a feature!:P - Mar 24 2011
Thanks! Icons are SimplyGrey, find them on Cheers! - Feb 26 2010
Thank you!
In any case she's not a bitch, her name is Misa Campo. ;) - Oct 01 2009
Thank you very much, it's an honour to receive complimets from an editor!
And no, i'm not a pevert, the problem is that she's too hot! ;D - Oct 01 2009
I uploaded it here -->
Just set brightness and contrast to your needs, enjoy! - Sep 16 2009
Thank you!
She's Misa Campo, i found the pic on google images! ;) - Sep 16 2009
It depends on which window manager you are using.
The theme is for emerald and openbox only, so it will not work on others window managers like metacity and xfvm! ;) - Sep 16 2009
Thank you very much! - Sep 16 2009
Ok, ASAP! ;) - Sep 16 2009
Thank you guys, you make me happy!

Wallpaper is a modification of Homespun -->
I can post the modified version if you want!

Icons are SimplyGrey -->
I use a combination of 0.4 and 0.51 versions.

Enjoy! - Sep 14 2009
You like it or not? XD - Sep 13 2009

Openbox Themes 3 comments

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Jul 04 2010
Funny, glad you like it! :D - Mar 24 2011

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Jan 19 2010
No it's not gnome. ;)
It's Openbox (window manager) + tint2 (panel/task manager) + conky.

Cheers, - Oct 01 2010
Thank you very much mate.
Unfortunately, I'm not interested and I don't have the skills to implement this because I've never used Nautilus.
You may want to try out Thunar, it has a very "elementary" look by default, and it's great.
Cheers - Mar 02 2010
Thank you!
I really don't know about the score...and I don't care too much about it! - Jan 22 2010
Grazie mille leopesto!
Eh si la tipa (Irina Sheik) è proprio una gran gnocca! ;) - Jan 05 2010
Not planning to do that right now, I'm sorry! ;) - Jan 03 2010

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Jul 04 2010
thanks! ;) - Jul 06 2010
Thank you! - Jul 04 2010

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Dec 19 2010
very nice theme!

Any chance you can fix firefox's right click menu?
Selected items have green background and green text...

Thanks! - May 24 2010

Openbox Themes 7 comments

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Feb 26 2010
thanks my friend! - Mar 03 2010
Thank you! - Dec 05 2009
Yes, you're right, but the openbox theme is exactly the same (except for round borders of course).

I'm just too lazy to make different screenshots and different packages for every part of the that's it! :D - Sep 17 2009

Openbox Themes 6 comments

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Jan 03 2010
The icons are wicd, gnome-power-manager and volwheel for the notifications.
Volwheel is just a small tray app, it does not provide notifications, but is very handy for scrolling the volume with your mouse! - Jan 29 2010
The panel is tint2 and it has a systray incorporated.
The notification system is xfce4-notifyd. It should work just after installing it (and removing other notification packages you may have on your system).

Cheers! ;) - Jan 28 2010
Thank you!
Icons are ALLGREY, except for tray icons that come from the Drakfire Evolution icon set. ;) - Jan 03 2010
Drakfire Evolution (white-black tray)

Full Icon Themes 45 comments

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Dec 13 2009
Ciaao drak, è un po' che non ci si vede, come te la passi? ;)

Mi chiedevo se avessi in mente di aggiunger un'icona per xchat quando va nella tray...basterebbe una X bianca (o nera) per restare in tema! - Dec 10 2009
Elegant for Rent

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Sep 13 2009
For Intrepid, just:
sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf
and you're done! ;) - Mar 26 2009
The integration of OpenOffice with GTK themes is often difficult and i'm not so expert to find the right solution to fix my theme just comparing it to other themes...

BUT, since i love and often use different themes, including dark ones, that don't work with openoffice, i've just folowed this simple howto/workaround that actually solves the problem for every single theme you'll ever use in your life -->

Hope you'll find this useful! Let me know! ;) - Jan 29 2009
Oh well...i was trying to fix some little bugs about arrows and prelight, and i've uploaded a newer version but i still can't get to the right result.
Moreover sometimes i've just edited some links or the license or the screenshot and then it comes out again like it has been updated..I'm sorry! ;) - Jan 26 2009
Thanks for your comment!
This was exactly what i was trying to do: a simple, usable and grey-based Elegant theme.
So, i have to try these allgrey icons! - Jan 20 2009
Anyways i'm not going to make a metacity theme just because i'm not able to do it and i don't use metacity (i love xfce!).
I'm sorry! ;) - Jan 20 2009
Thanks =)

The icon theme is SimplyGrey, you can find it here --->
It's so cool!
- Jan 19 2009
Thank you guys!
I was not expecting such positive comments! - Jan 19 2009
My lateral .conkyrc

Conky 8 comments

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Jun 02 2009
It should be: ${time %I:%M %p} but i'm not totally sure...let me know! - Jun 15 2009
Thank you! - Jun 07 2009
It's absolutely easier than HTML!
Just remove all the lines (also empty lines) from TEMP (included) to NET (excluded). =) - May 16 2009
It's really difficult to explain what you have to do to manage your temperatures because every pc has its own configuration.
Anyways you can just look for it on the net and you'll surely find the solution. For example type "lm-sensors conky ubuntu" or "conky temperatures" or something like that in google and you'll find lots of guides and howtos...Goood Luck! ;) - Mar 16 2009

GTK2 Themes 88 comments

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Sep 02 2006
Candido is absolutely a great theme!
It would be nice to have also a Candido Emerald theme (and maybe an openbox one too). What do you think of it?
Keep on withe the good work! - Jun 09 2009
Any Color You Like

Full Icon Themes
by switzak

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Feb 01 2010
Score 63.3%
Aug 29 2009

GTK2 Themes
by cimi86

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Jun 09 2009
Turquoise Grass

GTK2 Themes
by Marika

Score 58.0%
Jun 04 2009
Surreal - Openbox

Openbox Themes
by pllb

Score 63.3%
May 14 2009

Openbox Themes
by pllb

Score 50.0%
May 14 2009

Openbox Themes
by urukrama

Score 67.1%
May 14 2009