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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 7 comments

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Mar 19 2003
Somebody took the word 'screenshots' literally ;-) - Mar 01 2003
elmo II

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 35 comments

by elmo
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Dec 16 2002
No Problem, go ahead! - Dec 18 2002
I think an apology is in place here. As you all can read in the link above, development has started, but we never got into the alpha stage...
The main reason for this, is a timing issue -> i.e. too much work ;-)
Maybe in the future I will restart my work, but I have to admit that I like the work of Elmo a little more than what I did. We'll see what happens. Bye all! - Dec 17 2002
New style 'Different'

Various Stuff 57 comments

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Jul 10 2002
configurable. We will deliver two color schemes or so with the style. Besides that you can change it how you want... - Jul 09 2002
I'll see if we can make this optional. - Jul 09 2002

look at the second screenshot, added the lines - Jul 09 2002
That's the idea, we ain't gonna make just a style to go with thin air...;-) We will make a windec which goes along with this style. - Jul 08 2002
downloadable. We will start developing once we made up our mind how it will become. The purpose of showing this here, is to collect as much opinions, ideas, etc. as possible.
The development will start in about two days. The first alpha release will be in about two-three weeks I guess... - Jul 08 2002
the nature of this style. If I would go totally 3D, it ain't this style anymore. Sorry... - Jul 08 2002
Which one do you mean, the button hasn't changed much, besides the shadow then. - Jul 08 2002

Our style will come with a default color scheme (maybe two or so). But it will be fully modifiable, which means you will be able to choose your own colors.
If you like our style colorful, you can, if you want it more professionell, you can too.

Also the color of the button (I mean the orange line) will be modifiable. I want that the users of our style have as much freedom as possible! - Jul 08 2002

In the coded version the shades will be more clean, not so *dirty* on the eyes. And something else, the colors will be modifiable, so maybe with other colors it looks less dirty. >We'll see. - Jul 08 2002

Tim allready did some coding, and will upload his work onto my cvs server in two or three days. Then we will start with the real work. So my guess is that the first alpha version will be ready in two-three weeks, maybe sooner... - Jul 07 2002

For now it's still fake, I can't change the code that fast. And I ain't feeling like changing the code over and over again until I like it. I first want to have the global idea and shape made in the Gimp, and then we start coding. - Jul 07 2002
This style is NOT the new RENODesk Style. It's something else I do with Tim. Maybe in the near future I will port the current RENODesk style to KDE3. With maybe I don't mean that it might never be, but just maybe not in the near future. - Jul 07 2002
But what do you think? With or without gradient? - Jul 06 2002

Ice-WM Themes 9 comments

by uoti
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Jul 06 2002

I run ML8.2, but here I could install the Keramik WinDec without any problem. Have you done './configure --prefix=/opt/kde3' ? - Jul 06 2002
Fahrenheit Window Decoration

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 50 comments

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Dec 09 2007
Hi, I'd like to code it, but first read your mail, I've sent you one.
You can contact me on - Jun 11 2002
Why do I need Windows???

KDE Plasma Screenshots 27 comments

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Apr 20 2002
You know, this just pisses me off!
People like you, and there a lot in the Linux community, are actually the reason why there is still no or little breakthrough of linux on the desktop market!
What I wanted to show here, was that it is possible to run on linux, but still use applications such as MS Office etc. No matter if it is for business or personal usage!
Most people don't know that. They see Linux as a tropical OS not able to communicate with other OS'es. I want to show them it can, not only just communicate but also run apps from other OS'es.
Something on the side: I also prefer OpenOffice and KWord and so on above MS Office, but docs with VBA Macros etc. is another issue! - Apr 22 2002
I would agree with you if I only used Linux at home in my freetime and act a little like a Linux freak.
But some of us do business! In my company we use almost only Linux but not our customers. We write Intranet and Extranet Applications, and most of them are completely written for M$ environments, like IIS, SQL Server, IE browsers etc.
I need to be able to test those apps, even on my Linux, and I just can't do that without M$ software!
As well the communication between us and the customers is based on Word documents and Excel sheets, sometimes with Macros etc. Try that to do with SO! Forget it!
So how much you disgust it, when doing business you just need M$ apps! - Apr 21 2002
Yes, since Konq is able to run Netscape plugins, it is no problem. - Apr 21 2002
I bought both, you get a reduction when you buy the both of them. - Apr 21 2002
You have to check this out on CodeWeavers homepage. - Apr 21 2002
When you use Codeweavers Plugin, it installs QuickTime by default. So I didn't really get it from somewhere... - Apr 20 2002
I've tested Wine itself and then tried and buyed CrossOver and yes, it's much better!
It installed smoothly, even Office installed smoothly!
Guess what, I don't have a Windows partition, I installed Office 2000 from CD's and for Internet Eplorer I downloaded the installer for IE5.5 from Microsoft and did the install. As easy as that!
The 50$ you pay is GOOD investment! I had some questions, posted them to their mailinglist, and not even 5 minutes later I had my answer from one of their developers! - Apr 20 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 19 comments

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Nov 20 2002
Hey fellows!
I was just kidding, don't ya know the ;-) sign?
No really, the splashscreen is really nice!
BTW: I also use a M$ mouse... - Apr 14 2002
You dare using a Microsoft mouse on a Splashscreen in Linux! ;-) - Apr 13 2002
Highly Optimized KDE3 w/ objprelink

Various Stuff 18 comments

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Apr 09 2002
I have the same problem here, trying to make qt3. Configure went fine, but make gives a segmentation fault on [.moc/release-mt/qapplication_x11.moc] Segmentation fault.
I'm running Mandrake. - Apr 09 2002
the compiling of objprelink worked - Apr 09 2002
could you give us also a url...
plzzzz... ;-) - Apr 09 2002
Can you use objprelink when you want to install kde3.0.1 from cvs? - Apr 09 2002

KDE 2 Themes 50 comments

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Mar 24 2002

As said above, with Mandrake you have to do an additional copy of one file.
Just copy the line below and execute it (as root):
cp /usr/share/applnk/Settings/LookNFeel/renodesktrans.desktop /usr/share/applnk-mdk/Configuration/KDE/LookNFeel/
This installation copies the file in the wrong directory...
- Apr 02 2002
... as found on this website - Mar 27 2002
What will I be working on in the future?
- Have a KDE3 version ready before KDE3 ships.
- Have a RENODesk theme for Netscape 6.2 and higher.
- Have a RENODesk style for GNOME, why??? Because I run some GNOME apps, like Evolution, and I want them all to look the same, like RENODesk!

I'll update you guys on the progress! - Mar 24 2002

As said above, with Mandrake you have to do an additional copy of one file.
Just copy the line below and execute it (as root):
cp /usr/share/applnk/Settings/LookNFeel/renodesktrans.desktop /usr/share/applnk-mdk/Configuration/KDE/LookNFeel/
This installation copies the file in the wrong directory... - Mar 23 2002
Urgently needed people to test RENODesk on KDE3.
Please try it out, and let me know in case of troubles.
Thanks in advance! - Mar 20 2002
... The --prefix=/usr. Instead set the KDEDIR to the correct one. Then run ./configure.
Maybe it helps... - Mar 16 2002
You need the QT libraries in order to compile this. It uses QT widgets, and therefore QT headers etc. are needed.
So before you begin to compile it, make sure you have the libqt and the libqt-devel packages installed as well. - Mar 16 2002
I'll upload the style, the window decoration and the color scheme this week. - Mar 04 2002
I'll upload the style, the window decoration and the color scheme this week. - Mar 04 2002
Do you mean the dark purple or the bright purple? - Mar 02 2002
It's not possible yet to change the color. But one question: Although I made it myself, I don't like the color either. But which color would you suggest? - Mar 02 2002
Thanks for the positive reply.
This means I'm doing something good and should continue doing it ;-) - Mar 02 2002
I thought about it, I have two options: look in the source of liquid and apply the needed code to my own theme, or I just wait for KDE3 final release. Because in KDE3 this option is available by default...
I don't know yet. - Mar 02 2002
On the one hand you're right about the icons, but on the other hand it looks good to have a 2d look in combination with some 3d elements.
- Mar 02 2002
Please all add comments, just to let me know if I'm doing good things, or better should find another hobby ;-) - Mar 01 2002
Orange Drop

Ice-WM Themes 5 comments

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Mar 18 2002
Two words: DO IT!
It would give us the ability to change the colors. - Mar 18 2002
Hi, Reno here!
First of all, fantastic window decoration to go with the style + color scheme!
I'll upload new screenshots with your window decoration and promote them together with the RENODesk style.
Finally a UI that doesn't look like Winblows or MacOS but a unique look for KDE!
Keep up the good work! - Mar 16 2002