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Renat Garaev

System Software by sebbe1991 12 comments

# ls /sys/class/hwmon/
Empty output. May be I can install modules or what I can need make, then you program can start work? - Oct 21 2007

System Software by sebbe1991 12 comments

I compile program (without errors) and run, but I don't sea the result of temperature of processor and mother board.
$uname -a
Linux localhost #1 SMP Thu Sep 27 04:07:04 CEST 2007 i686

Mandriva 2008 Power Pack - Oct 21 2007
Now I rewriteln on C code (with compilation on gcc) include ./configure
You idea realised:) but in the C file - Apr 08 2007
But with this script you will get a:
But a program dirsave analize url and choise numeration:

Earlier I write programm with selected of numeration, but after then I concept, that this is not comfortable, and I want a quick save (without choise type numeration) sentences url's (for download pics, and other's files).
Thereby appeared idea of this program.
Hope my program is liked for people's. - Mar 09 2007
Thank's for idea and support:)
Probably, I is beginner programmer in Linux, and this is my first project in open source community.
Program work with wget, becouse you started in console, then you want (but in started you collect's links and save scripts).
May be you translate for you native language? - Feb 24 2007