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Wikipedia Dump Reader

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Aug 16 2009
"experimental RPM package - feedback welcome at the project website :"

fantastic news if this means what i think it means, i.e. that opensuse/mandriva/fedora users will be able to easily install your fantastic program.

thanks - Sep 05 2009
cheers for the update.

once again my thanks for creating an awesome program.

do you know if their are any easy to install suse packages available? - Aug 02 2009
............ on further development? :)

a PyQT 4.5 version, or something else........ - Mar 01 2009
This is the only real linux competitor to the windows based wikitaxi application.

I note you mention something about ubuntu packages, is there any chance you could provide the same convenience for opensuse?

Mant thanks - Sep 22 2008
that would be an awesome start, i will give it some more thought and see what i come up with in addition to the link clean up.

many thanks - Aug 14 2008
Hi there,

is there any further news on what will happen next with this excellent program?

forgive my ignorance, but will it work on KDE4, specifically Opensuse 11.1 using KDE 4.1.2?

cheers - Jul 28 2008
are you working on any further improvements you can tell us about?

Regards - Feb 16 2008
still in active development. congrats and my thanks. - Jan 02 2008
thanks and good luck, i look forward to trying it soon. - Sep 25 2007
do you have a roadmap of where you want to go with this great app? - Sep 21 2007
i have been wanting an offline reader for ages, and finally it comes along.

thanks you. - Sep 11 2007
i would love to see this released as an easy to use wikipedia offline .xml reader.

keep up the good work. - Sep 08 2007
Marble - Desktop Globe

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Aug 16 2008
Apologies for the misunderstanding.

My aim is not so much to increase the level of integration between marble and wiki, (tho that is always nice too), but rather to allow the same wiki functionality even when offline, if the system is aware of wiki dump.

Quite how marble would 'know' there was an offline copy i could not say, perhaps by looking for wikidumpreader when a wiki link is activated from marble when offline.......?

I hope this is useful. :) - Sep 04 2008
well marble is looking to introduce wiki support, but not everyone has internet available and wiki do make database dumps available.

just as projects like blue marble make database dumps of map caches, because not everyone wants to be dependent on the internet being available. - Aug 31 2008
What would be truly fantastic would be to allow marble to reference an offline database dump of wiki if no online version is accessible.

are there any plans in the works for this? - Aug 28 2008
KORE Reviving

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 30 comments

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Oct 03 2007
glad to hear, i look forward to the next version.

hopefully it will be possible for someone like suse's Packman to package the whole lot up as an easy to install rpm file so I can install it without a heart attack. :) - Sep 25 2007
i am looking forward to trying this on opensuse 10.3.

many thanks. - Sep 21 2007
please keep developing it.

regards - Sep 08 2007

Various KDE Stuff 59 comments

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Dec 19 2008
looking forward to 10.3 - Sep 21 2007

Novell has done more than most to work with, encourage, and sponsor the open-source movement. - Sep 09 2007
Kore Suite

Beryl/Emerald Themes 161 comments

by code2
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Apr 04 2007
that the problems originally faced with compiz seem to have doisappeared.

and delighted that you are continueing with Code2's work and updating the Kore Suite.

Many thanks - Sep 13 2007
- Current unfixable bugs:

- Corrupted menus with domino style in Beryl (this has to be fixed by either Beryl or Domino developers)

- Corrupt Scrollbars in Domino - Sep 09 2007
i understand the difficulties you face, but please know that we want to see this complete.

Kore is by far the best theme-set i have ever seen.

have the technical difficulties that you had been overcome? - Sep 08 2007

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Jul 15 2009
.... excellent program, many thanks. - Sep 12 2007

by christey

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Aug 02 2009

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by boud

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Aug 02 2009

by cschlaeg

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Aug 02 2009

by hoganrobert

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Aug 02 2009

by amarok

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Aug 02 2009
Marble - Desktop Globe

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by tackat

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Aug 02 2009

by trueg

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Aug 02 2009
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Aug 02 2009

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by jbm

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Aug 02 2009
Wikipedia Dump Reader

Education Apps
by benji2

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Aug 02 2009