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Remco Bloemen
Dutch Radios

Amarok 2.x Scripts by Mederel 15 comments

Thank you for this plugin! I was looking for a Dutch radio plugin for a while. The plugin works great! There are four things that might be improvable, to make it even better:

1) A few radio stations are missing, particularily QMusic. You can find these (and more) streams on:

2) I first thought 3FM was also missing, but it is listed under "Radio3FM" under the R. Would it be possible to add a search field to the station list?

3) Perhaps its better to group the stations by the province they belong to or "national". Such a sorting would allow users to find their favourite stations much faster. You can find the necesary information here:

4) The first space is missing from all names. For example "AVROEasy Listening" should be "AVRO Easy Listening" - Jul 13 2010

KDE 3.5 Themes by morgenrot 404 comments

I just tried SMB's patch (look in the older comments) and it solved the problem! - Feb 11 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes by morgenrot 404 comments

First off, thanks for this incredibly beautifull style, together with DominoLightGrey this really put my desktop up to par with the best of OS X and Aero.

The only slight nusiance I found is that on some webpages konqueror crashes with the following backtrace, i looked into the code quickly but it's a little to complicated for me. I suspect the pixmap=0x0.

If you need more information you can email at remco dot bloemen at gmail dot com. I hope the following backtrace is helpfull:

[KCrash handler]
#6 0xb73f9d00 in DominoStyle::dominoDrawItem (this=0x809be58, p=0x88fd9e0,
r=@0xbf96e74c, flags=1092, g=@0x87bdebc, enabled=true, pixmap=0x0,
text=@0xbf96eac0, len=-1, penColor=0x8a48cb0, buttonTextEffect=true)
at domino.cpp:7180
#7 0xb7435b6a in DominoStyle::drawControl (this=0x809be58,
element=QStyle::CE_PushButtonLabel, p=0x88fd9e0, widget=0x8a495f0,
r=@0xbf96ebbc, cg=@0x87bdebc, flags=,
opt=@0xbf96eb7c) at domino.cpp:4980
#8 0x4252a2e4 in QPushButton::drawButtonLabel (this=0x8a495f0,
paint=0x88fd9e0) at widgets/qpushbutton.cpp:585 - Feb 11 2007
LedaX - EDA for Linux

Science by jegjessing 12 comments

I have been searching for an EDA for Linux for quite some time. The programs that appealed to me most where KTechlab, for its usability and the ability to use microcontrollers, gEDA, because it seemed to be the most complete and finaly I settled on Qucs. has even more tools.
As you already indicated an EDA takes vast amounts of time to program and there is always a lack of developers.
So I am curious what funtionality you find missing so much in the existing EDA's that you decided to built your own.
The thing I found missing was integration and usability. gEDA is a mess, Qucs is more geared towards GHz electronics and has no PCB tools.
Personaly, I would rather go the route of intergrating Qucs (Qt based, seperate GUI client and CLI server) in KTechlab and adding support for Microcontrollers, PCB's and such through existing libraries.
The ultimate goal for me would be something like Labcenter's Proteus for KDE. Proteus can debug microcontroller code in a simulated circuit, has advanced PCB layout stuff, etc. You should try the windows demo for inspiration.
I am a fairly experienced C/C++ programmer but novice to KDE hacking. Next to my studies math and physic I do not have very much free time but I'd really like to help you out. - Jul 30 2006
Dutch Radios

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by Mederel

Jul 20 2010