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Aug 03 2009
Cool, I'll have a look at the gtkrc and see if I can tweak it up a bit to my liking. Keep up the good work! - May 09 2009
When using the theme with Globalmenu, both the title and menu items are shown in bold. (E.g. quodlibet is the title, Music, Filters, Control... are the items). This makes them harder to differentiate from each other. Could you make it so the title is bold while the items are normal? I've seen it done by other themes like elementary-gtk and it just looks that bit nicer and more usable.

Also I have always liked the stripe across the top of the window border - this increases the usability of maximised windows when there's a panel at the top of the screen, so thanks for leaving it in the theme! However, it looks a bit abrupt - a bit clunky given how polished the rest of the theme is. The effect isn't so bad in maximised mode but in the unmaximised mode it notices. You've got your metacity grey/black, then all of a sudden, it bursts into the stripe colour with no forewarning. I feel this could be improved by adding a gradient to the title bar - fading between the grey/black and stripe colour. Only over a short distance to maintain the distinct "stripe", but just enough to avoid the block colours effect that exists at the moment.

Otherwise thanks for a great and consistent theme! (Though at a total of just under 200MB from the PPA, it's obviously in need of significant trimming. I think the icons are the main offenders. Amazingly the enormous size of the files doesn't impact on the speed - overall Shiki is still faster than the default Human theme.) - May 09 2009
This seems a very complete theme. You've got your gtk theme, the window borders, the GDM, the icons, wallpapers, even the usplash all covered.

But you still have to get them all separately.

And you still have to update them all independently and manually.

What I'd love to see (I've stuck this idea on Ubuntu brainstorm as well) would be if all of these could be put into an apt repository hosted by The user subscribes to it and the current version of all the bits and bobs is downloaded and applied. Then when you release the next version of the theme, or a component is updated, the update comes in and installs painlessly and automatically just as soon as the user gives the OK. If they don't like it, they don't have to take the update. Basically I've spelled all this out on Brainstorm, take a look if you like the idea:

Can you do it? Can do it? It would simplify a lot for the end user if it can be done. - Nov 10 2008

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Jul 04 2008
What GDM theme do you recommend to go with this? - Dec 15 2008

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Dec 08 2008
I offered the .xcf in case anybody wanted to edit the original image files. If you open the xpm, edit it and save to another xpm, the quality might be lower than if you use the .xcf of the original file.

Normally that wouldn't matter, but at these low resolutions and low colour depths, every pixel counts. Especially when high-res displays are enlarging all the pixels in an already ugly manner.

Using Startup Manager, you only need to give it a .xpm and it can do the magic by itself. It doesn't need .xpm.gz files. In fact, I don't even know if it can use them. It's only if you circumvent startup manager, and you're doing it manually, that you must feed GRUB a .xpm.gz. If I can produce a version for the manual users (masochists?) I will. In the meantime I will stick a notice up saying "you need startup manager to use this".

It's a shame that the Usplash screens are out of date. Otherwise we'd be looking at a completely coherent alternative to the default distro skin. - Dec 08 2008
I am slightly at a loss as to what you mean.

This is what I think you said:

Unloading blind... don't know what that is. Even Google doesn't know what that is... hmm...

1. Really sorry but I don't understand at all.

2. Instead of .tar.gz, the files should be in a .xpm.gz archive. Can't do unless you can point me to a nice, easy GUI tool that will zip up the image as .xpm.gz. Then I will happily do it :)

3. Make a .jpg out of the images to put up as a preview. Can do.

Using Startup manager and pointing it to the .xpms in the extracted folders seems to work fine. I didn't try and venture beyond this method because, well, it worked :P - Dec 07 2008
Arc-Colors GDM-Walls

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Aug 03 2009
These walls, together with the rest of your theme, as I've said before form an extremely complete, well-polished set.

2 things, however, don't exist yet. A Usplash screen and a GRUB background.

I've been playing around with Arc-colours walls and trying to make them work as a GRUB background. Unfortunately, word has it that GRUB can display no more than 14 colours and a maximum resolution of 800x600 which kinda ruins any hopes for the current wallpapers.

I can get the whole image to display in GRUB, but it scales it down (badly) to 800x600 and craps up the colours.

So, your walls are too lovely for GRUB to handle. But some Usplash themes to match Wine/Wise/Human/Brave are definitely something you should look into. And add into your automagic install script too.

Then it's only a matter of time before GRUB devs implement better theming, and then, you'll have yourself a very full, consistent theme.

Keep up the good work! - Dec 04 2008
Vortigo ( 3D+VU+Beryl+Dock )

XMMS Skins 29 comments

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Aug 17 2008
Which GTK theme are you using with it, or which GTK theme would you recommend to use with it? - Dec 02 2008
Simple Ubuntu (uSplash)

Usplash Themes 9 comments

by pyter
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Feb 25 2008
Thought of something else. You've got a lot of people saying "can you make a version for my display which has xyz resolution".

I might have to add to the commotion and say, "can you make one for a 1400 x 1050 monitor?", which is what I have.

To help deal with the army of resolution requests, it would be really good if you could publish the usplash as two SVGs: one for 4:3 displays and one for widescreen displays, which can scale to any resolution automatically. And look nice.

Thanks - Dec 01 2008
It would be nice if you provided some kind of animated preview, so visitors to the page could see what the usplash looks like as loading progresses. For example. I see no progress bar in the pictures.

Unless, of course, you have integrated the progress bar into the logo itself, which would be pretty slick :D (hint hint for another variant - the logo and "Ubuntu" text could fill up with a different colour, or maybe exist as outlines until the colour fills through them.)

I also think that the white background is a bit nicer than the stock black background, especially given that not much of the default Ubuntu theme is black whereas more of it is white, like the panels.

"Linux for human beings" is a decent slogan but could you maybe do a more "corporate" variant where only the logo is present, not the slogan? I don't mind being partisan about software but large or corporate organisations might like a more "neutral" logo, if you catch my drift.

Other than that, I think the "normal" variant looks the nicest, followed by the small variant. The eye candy variant doesn't look very natural or realistic though. It's hard to put into words, but perhaps it needs some shadows, lighting, maybe the text needs to be thicker... I can't say exactly. - Dec 01 2008

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Nov 05 2008
The yellow doesn't do this theme any favours. It seems a bit random in contrast to the other colours in the theme.

In the screenshot you've got Rhythmbox, which has off-white backgrounds for its search panes, next to the file manager which has a yellow background for its contents pane. This variance across applications is very inconsistent and not good for the theme (or any theme for that matter).

Also the emerald border, being semi-transparent and glass-like, seems at odds to the very opaque, dark colour inside the windows.

Sorry but this theme doesn't do it for me. (Yet.) - Nov 10 2008
Usplash Theme - Fingerprint

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Jun 29 2007
Once the development of your Usplash theme gets a bit less frantic, would you consider adapting some of the Usplash theme (particularly window borders) into, say, a Metacity / XFWM / other theme? It would look quite groovy indeed.

More currently, I'm not sure about the handprint. I think the lines and the windows and such coming off it look cool, but the hand... not so much. It's not exactly relevant to Linux or the distros. Could you offer a different Usplash with something other than the hand, say a distro logo or Tux or a central object (rendered in the sci-fi style blue and white), "being analysed" by the windows coming off it.

I think the changing part of the progress bar should be a little bolder / easier to see, would you agree?

Sometime in the future, you could even animate this. Pull that all off successfully, and I think it would be adopted by most distros as a default Usplash / window manager theme. People liked what they saw in Minority Report (well, maybe not the film, but the theme of the groovy computer system they used). If you can turn it into something more practical, they'll probably love it. - Oct 28 2008

Full Icon Themes 824 comments

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Sep 25 2009
I love how these icons are tightly integrated with Shiki-Colours, and their consistency across the GNOME desktop.

However, like many icon themes (and the default one in Ubuntu), the Openoffice icons are rubbish (sorry, constructive criticism is coming!) This is because it's not immediately obvious which application it is. You have to squint to find the pie chart or something that looks vaguely like a letter, and god knows what the other ones are - is that a paint brush? Users of high-resolution displays will find this even worse.

This was one of the things I liked about the mac4lin icons - there was no doubt what you were opening, and the icons had just the right amount of style. However, I can't recall when OO Impress began with "P" and OO Calc began with "X", and it was the inconsistency with OpenOffice and Linux (and finding Shiki) that drove me away from it.

All in all, a fine effort, but can we have better OpenOffice icons please? Also I'm not so sure about the Firefox one - looks a bit cartoony - could you perhaps review that too?

PS I just know this damn thing will double post. It hates me. No idea why. - Oct 01 2008
Brit Waves alpha

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Mar 17 2008
It's not quite the same as the Elegant Brit GTK panel colour. I eyedropped the colour from the free as in beauty wallpapers and bucket filled the brit-waves wallpaper's grey bit in GIMP. This seems to match the colour of the top bar. Should be easy enough to replicate, or i can post the png if you want to take a look.

Apart from that? Simple, striking and effective, like the GTK theme, but great for those (like me) who found Free as in beauty wallpapers to be a little too blocky.

Minor hiccups aside, I don't see why we need to be imitating Mac / Windows themes any more. - Aug 12 2008
Elegant Brit

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Mar 16 2008
Great job on the theme. Clean, simple, fast, efficient, and basically worked "out of the box" on Xubuntu Hardy, which can only be good things. Next stop, this should go in the repos!

Two things, though...

1. Could you lower the brightness of the white in your GTK theme a bit? When there's a window that's mostly white, such as a web browser, the effect is quite blinding at the moment.

2. There's a small bug in Firefox that means the text of the File / Edit / View etc. buttons turns white when selected, rather than staying blue, and so become invisible against the white block around them.

PS Sorry if this double posts, I have no idea what causes it to do that. - Jul 30 2008

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Nov 26 2008
Currently using your theme on xubuntu hardy and it's got to be the first one I've seen that's made dark a usable colourscheme! Nice work. The wallpaper, too, is excellent though a little too "busy" at times, especially if I have loads of launchers on the desktop.

Your theme doesn't yet have window borders / decorations for xfwm4, only Metacity, so I've had to use the Technix borders instead which look a bit out of place. Could you please make us an xfwm4 version?

Also Firefox seems to work fine without applying the "fix" on my machine. Don't know how, it's more or less a vanilla install, just thought I'd say though. - Jul 04 2008
Currently using your theme on xubuntu hardy and it's got to be the first one I've seen that's made dark a usable colourscheme! Nice work. The wallpaper, too, is excellent though a little too "busy" at times, especially if I have loads of launchers on the desktop.

Your theme doesn't yet have window borders / decorations for xfwm4, only Metacity, so I've had to use the Technix borders instead which look a bit out of place. Could you please make us an xfwm4 version?

Also Firefox seems to work fine without applying the "fix" on my machine. Don't know how, it's more or less a vanilla install, just thought I'd say though. - Jul 04 2008