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Rodolfo Ferreira Cuiaba, Brazil
Join the Revolution

Wallpaper Other by stanko 11 comments

And in think that there was a day that Novell sent its soul to m$. It makes me sick to think about it so I am hoping for the day m$ will fall.
And at the same time I hope open source operating systems will grow up thanks to the community! haha, Ubuntu is just the beginning ;) - Jan 12 2008
visto gnome main menu

Various Gnome Stuff by juaka 11 comments

I agree with Themer, this can be a simple wvista menu copy but the idea is to make a Linux Start Menu better than wvista, and to do so, we must use something as a base of the project and...there it is! ;)
It's great, but it can get even better man! keep up the great job!

Tip: not everything MUST be wvista-like. I think that the secret here is to add more character to the menu, implementing something Ubuntu Hardy Heron-like and then you're done! - Jan 11 2008
Congo Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by yoshu 4 comments

I see now that to make the final choice of what icon pack to choose is not gonna be that easy on Your IT is one of my favorite and I am just waiting for the first concrete release to come out so I will download and use it ;)

BTW will you add some more icons to the final release?^^ - Jan 11 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by Xanderoby 26 comments

Your theme looks amazing. I really liked it! However, I think you can apply some more-professional appearance to them. And that green man running should be took off. Put some icon like the turn off one... - Jan 11 2008
Xenon Human

Metacity Themes by ddeino 5 comments

veeery nice! It seems you got the Ubuntu theme and mixed it up with some golden appearance. By the way, can you tell me how can i change the panel and make it look like the one you have? thanks! - Jan 10 2008