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Rossend Bruch
Virtual Filesystem

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 30 comments

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Nov 13 2004
What about a combo box left-side of the location bar with all koi-slvaes avalible?

Just select and the location bar will automatically put the 'locate:/' or 'file:/' or 'ftp:/' or 'kio-slave:/' then you just have to complete with the direction. It's just too a smart way to know which kio-slaves have installed.

I'll try to make a pic and post it as improvement to explain it better - Nov 13 2004

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Oct 02 2004
Where is it? perhaps Llac du Gaube? Beetwen Pont d'Espagne and Vignemale?

(sorry for bad english and french).
- Oct 03 2004
"We Don't Do Windows!" Wallpaper

Wallpapers Windows 7 comments

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Aug 28 2004
if yopu left the wallpaper without the words "we don't..." it could be good. - Aug 28 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes 4 comments

by gjwu
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Jan 21 2004
is possible to have any screenshot? - Jan 21 2004

Developers Apps 12 comments

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Jan 19 2004
It's a most important componet for KDE. A simple language that every body knows. Hope it will be better than the horrible M$-Visual Basic. I'll try it as soon as possible. - Jan 20 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 90 comments

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Feb 24 2005
I my good ! Some times i'm too confused (?¿? despistado), I didn't see it.

I'll send you a screenshot when I remeber which program does it, jeje.

tx for all. - Jan 07 2004
Have same problem. Icons on konqueror toolsbar have an ugly offset, also some little icons like little home icon. It's possible to fix it?

Another question, where is the non-SVG version? I found it weeks ago but now it has dispeared ! non-svg works fine, but svg version have dthe problem i explained above.

Althoug, really good work !

Sendo ;) - Jan 07 2004
Crystal Mozilla Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 9 comments

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Apr 16 2002
Where can I download Crystal Icon set? I ha've been searching in this site and found nothing !!! - Apr 17 2002
Misty River

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

by hoju
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Feb 10 2002
Where is it from ? - Feb 10 2002