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George Roldugin Sydney, Australia
It might be LUX 0.5 (CB, PB & MC)

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Cygoku 10 comments

I liked the theme and was watching it updated untill I saw this separation of buttons. The combined buttons was one of the things that made this theme look different to the others. In fact that was the feature that attracted me in this windeco (mystelf I've been using CylonMinimal for ages now). It's just my 5 cents, but if it's not to difficult to maintain both styles, I think people might appreciate this (remember it got rating 76% while it had the old style!) Thanks for great work:) - Jun 19 2008
wallpaper with kicker background

Wallpaper Other by dummy_double 5 comments

Hi there, I liked the black'n'green wallpaper you've used as a base and I was wondering if you could upload it separately? Apparently nik7 was asking for it too.

I've also got a suggestion that you might have already employed. You could have faked the whole panel (including the green-black gradient on the screenshot) and then create an empty transparent panel of the right size above the existing one. Thus you would have the whole panel uncovered when a window is maximized.

I just saw Warc3r's screenshot that had the beautiful edging covered.

Keep up good work=) - Nov 07 2007