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Rafał Cieślak Krakow, Poland

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Oct 28 2012
One more question: do you know if it's possible to somehow turn off shadows in metacity? I think this theme could look even better without them. - Jan 28 2013
Okay, I've read through comments and apparently there's a bug in Gnome 3.6, so you have to copy themes to /usr/share/themes.

Thanks, everybody and thanks trastes for making this amazing theme! - Jan 27 2013
Oh, and btw, I'm using gnome-shell 3.6.2. - Jan 27 2013
If I run gnome-shell in a terminal, I get an error telling that the window manager couldn't find theme config, even though I'd copied everything straight from the package. - Jan 27 2013
Great theme!

However, titlebars of my windows look weird. How can I fix it? - Jan 27 2013