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Jan 23 2004
That bottem bar is kroller! a superkaramba theme. Caspian coded it and I was the art guy for it :)

Thats for the wallpaper. I know its but nuvem is such a great artist :) - Jan 24 2004

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Apr 19 2004
Its actually kroller :)

Check it out under the karamba section, it should be on the 1st page of highest rated. - Jan 05 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba 162 comments

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Jan 13 2005
Lock the bar by right clicking on it and hitting lock bar. That will change it to single click! - May 23 2003
Try running it in the console by typing in superkaramba. Also, make it more configuarble? Where doing every possable thing we can to do that.

Insulting people is rude and just plane mean and does NOTHING to help this program. please dont ruin it. - May 11 2003
^oops, was just informed that it would take a LOT of work to get the bar back in there, and the only reason why its faster is because the bar is gone :o

sorry for the misunderstanding hope that helps.

ps tuxbar was a good program, just needed to be modded ;) - Apr 30 2003
what we found in the tuxbar code was a whole bunch of junk, actually, 99% of it was hard-coded. Caspian made almost all of it soft coded, smoothed out the icons. The bar is still there, if you want it, un-comment all of the bar.image comments and get the .png from tuxbar. I think now that most of its soft-coded, and smoother, it takes less cpu power.

thats my guess anyhow ;) - Apr 30 2003
please post your comments, or wishes, they are needed for future versions of kroller!

Thanx! - Apr 29 2003
Here is some other features that was left out due to me (oops!)

1) the icons at the left and right now zoom smoothly from the start position

2) almost nothing is hard-coded in this program and its documented well

3) the widget resises itself when you add new or get rid of icons

what we hope to do in the futer:

1) make the icons shrink slightly when you press down on them

2) add a k-launch menu

thats all for now!
- Apr 29 2003
the caspian website is much faster, i dont know why we (caspian and me) never got it to, ill talk to him about it! - Apr 29 2003