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GTK2 Themes 11 comments

Score 68.6%
May 05 2005
Totally agree. I can't believe I came back to download this after 5 years!!! I stopped using Linux in 2007 and Milke was my fav theme then.

A lot of new themes and theme engines have come out since then. But I still like this one. I tweaked a little to remove border around toolbar etc. - Feb 22 2012
Murrina Human Classic

GTK2 Themes 13 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 18 2007
gtkrc:44: error: unexpected identifier `scrollbarstyle', expected character `}' - Jan 20 2007
Ubuntu Black and Gray Splash

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 2 comments

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Dec 02 2006
liked this splash..
just an idea, a gradient would look even nicer - Dec 07 2006
Dream Tiger for Baghira

Compiz Themes 12 comments

Score 58.0%
Sep 10 2006
Great effort, but shortcomings like the very transparant rough corner will bug a trained eye. - Sep 22 2006
Aqua Look - Proposal

GTK2 Themes 17 comments

by zammi
Score 50.0%
Sep 09 2006
bvc, I am talking about the traditional OS X scrollbar button, that turns blue on focus/press. Even firefox themes on Linux cannot get it completely highlighted as in OS X. In windows, there is this firefox theme called "macfox" which has the exact scrollbar implementation.
If you still dont get what I am saying, install any of the osx themes on gnome with the blue scrollbar. Try clicking on the arrow and notice that the image is a square. The non-square buttons that you have probably are taking up a square space and showing a circle or something. - Sep 10 2006
NO bad deal!
first thing that differentiates OS X user interface from any other is the highly polished applications and simple nature of UI that is missing in gtk/gnome and MS windows.
I had tried desigining an OS X theme using apple art work, but soon I hit a dead end. I was trying to code the scrollbars and noted I can't do it. I cant get the blue convex highlight scrollbar button on GTK. GTK wants all scrollbuttons to be a rectangle.
Also, when we come up with very pale, think window borders, there must be a dropshadow to make us feel the focus. But by default gnome or x11 does not have this.
I would suggest to design better gnome thmeme rahter than imitating aqua interface and end up with a frakenstein.
Oh after all, it is only my openion - Sep 08 2006

Compiz Themes 2 comments

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Aug 20 2006
Window title is
and monospace font is Monaco

_ not very sure if legal to use. - Aug 20 2006

GTK2 Themes
by chwombat

Score 68.6%
Feb 22 2012

GTK2 Themes
by chwombat

Score 68.6%
9   Feb 22 2012