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Jul 09 2010

Looks like you have hit the following bug:

They have also suggested a workaround in the comment #2.

Here the link to the workaround.

Please try and let me know, if it works. - Oct 07 2010
Hi Guys,

There is a bug !

I just fixed it locally and will upload the fixed version soon.

Actually, I was using the same formula, but the change of the names of the units (Metric and Imperial) introduced this bug.

With the new upload the bug should be fixed.

Thanks and sorry for the annoyance. - Mar 04 2010
This was due to wrong format of wind condition for certain cities.

Raffaele has submitted a nice patch and the bug has bin fixed in the latest version 1.4 of the plasmoid. - Jan 13 2010
Generally you don't need root access for installing a plasmoid.

I don't have any clue why the installation fails in your case from the error message.

- Nov 24 2009
Try to install with plasmapkg command like following.

1. download the plasmoid file.

2. plasmapkg -i <path_to_plasmoid_file>

Make sure you don't have the older version of the plasmoid.

plasmapkg -l | grep weather

Above command will give list of weather plasmoids installed.

plasmapkg -r plasma_pyweather

above command will remove the older version if already installed.

Then reinstall.

- Nov 22 2009
I have fixed the but with Kubuntu. Now it is possible to save settings.

Also added new conditions for overcast, fog, snow and smoke. - Nov 18 2009
You are correct.

It is easy to change the default location.

Moreover, you should have a file .weather.cfg file in you home folder. You can also edit the file manually and set the location there.

Meanwhile, I am now back from vacation and try to fix the issue permanently. Actually, I use debian and I haven't had this problem.

Hardik - Nov 17 2009
Did you remove the old version with the command

plasmapkg pr plasma_pyweatehr

If not, first remove and then try to install. - Aug 23 2009
For me it works after downloading the same file from kde-look.

Please check if you are supplying the correct path.

I didn't receive any such complaint yet.

Paste the exact command line and the result.

[hardik@sidbox: projects ]$ ll ~/dl/soft/110137-plasma_pyweather.plasmoid
-rw------- 1 hardik hardik 150317 2009-08-22 11:50 /home/hardik/dl/soft/110137-plasma_pyweather.plasmoid - Aug 22 2009
Download the file and install with the plasmapkg command as mentioned in the description.

The "Add Widget" doesn't work with script plasmoids yet.

- Aug 22 2009
I have just uploaded the fixed version, try it and let me know. - Aug 22 2009
sorry forgot to paste the link..

Here - Aug 20 2009
Then create the file as shown in the following link. Replace the values according to your location and preferred unit.

I installed the seamless theme using the theme installer from kde4. - Aug 20 2009
Can you check if ~/.weather.cfg file is created after you change the settings ?

And make sure the file is not deleted when you restart the KDE.

The translucent background is achieved by plamsa themes e.g. seamless. - Aug 20 2009
I tested again on my system and it works.

The config file is ~/.weather.cfg

Make sure it is not deleted every time you restart kde. - Aug 14 2009
Thanks for the feedback. I am anyway going to give an overhaul to the configuration, the idea of selecting the parameters of interest is good one.

Google provides maximum 3 days of forecast not more, so I didn't provide the number of forecast days in configuration.

I am a java developer, so if my code is not pythonic enough, I am also open to suggestions for that.

Have a look at my blog about the plasmoid. - Aug 13 2009
It is good that it is helpful to you. Feel free to report problems or suggestions. - Aug 13 2009