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Ubuntu Lucid Parcellite icon

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Apr 19 2010
I have no idea where it'd be in Maverick. I actually switched from Parcellite to Glippy shortly after making this icon. Parcellite's development has been haulted completely and Glippy does the same thing, but has an installable mono icon in its PPA. It can run in your tray or indicator applet as well. - Oct 18 2010
I've been considering that, actually. The Elementary icons are a bit more complicated than the Ubuntu ones though, so I'm not quite sure how I want it to look. I'll be sure to tell you if/when I make it though! - Apr 22 2010
BSM Simple

GTK2 Themes 66 comments

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May 11 2011
It was a permissions problem. I had all the themes installed to /usr/share/themes in the first place (I hate my root applications like Synaptic being blocky). Apparently I couldn't read most of the files though.

Thank you! - Sep 02 2010
I downloaded the file, checked the size, removed the old files, and re-installed the theme. I don't know if I read the error incorrectly or if the last file was corrupted after all, but the message changed. Rather than missing the "BSM Simple Dark" engine, it now says I'm missing the theme. Here's a screenshot:

One last thing. When I open the Customize dialog, BSM Simple Dark's control theme isn't listed. Only the window decoration is. - Sep 01 2010
I installed this theme JUST before commenting on my problem. Unless it was updated shortly after I installed, I am using the most up-to-date version. All of my other themes work without a hitch though, and I know I have Clearlooks installed. The engine it says is missing isn't Clearlooks anyways. It's "BSM Simple Dark," which is the theme I'm trying to use. I have no idea why it does this. - Sep 01 2010
I'd like to give this theme a try, but it says that the required engine "BSM Simple Dark" is not installed. :/ - Sep 01 2010
LiNsta (LiNsta is Not Vista ;-) Pack

Metacity Themes 31 comments

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Jun 18 2006
I'm lovin' this metacity theme! My only issue with it is that windows that are lacking certain buttons (such as the 'Customize Theme' dialog not having the minimize button) still have the outline of the button. This isn't a big problem with the dark themes but it looks really awkward with the light theme. Other than that, it's perfect! - Jun 06 2010
Elementary Parcellite Icon

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Apr 22 2010
I'm sorry. :/
I don't really understand what's happening with it then. Did you make sure to log out or restart to see if it appears? If that didn't work, then I really don't know what's wrong. I just double-checked it to make sure I had the icon in the right place.

I am running Ubuntu Lucid though. I don't know if it goes in the same place in other distros or versions of Ubuntu. :x - Apr 23 2010
Prowler Eye 2

GnoMenu Skins 2 comments

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Sep 04 2009
Agh! I installed this and thought something was off but I forgot that icons are flipped upside-down if you have the panel on top. I checked out on the bottom and I love it. Maybe one day I'll have my desktop set up in a way that I can enjoy this. Just wanted to say that I love this icon! - Feb 20 2010
Ubuntu Shine

GnoMenu Skins 2 comments

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Dec 09 2009
Great icon! The glow is a little excessive but it's my favorite icon so far! - Feb 20 2010
Docky 2 Pack

Docky Themes
by Kshegzyaj

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Jul 29 2010
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Jun 18 2010
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Jun 18 2010
Royale VSQ

Metacity Themes
by dobee

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Jun 06 2010
Dark Candy

GnoMenu Skins
by jonian

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Feb 07 2010