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Sergej Shtripling Omsk, Russian Federation
Plasma 4 Extensions
K-High-Delight+K-Art-Delight (New)

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Oct 26 2014
Hi! Could you please share your plasma theme? Your screenshots looks awesome! Thank you. - Jan 05 2014
Yet Another Netspeed Plasmoid

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Oct 05 2010
Check "device" twice please.
This message will appear only if "device" could not be read from config file(eg: empty in config or unreadable file). Other settings are not checked.
I just can't get this message. - Oct 09 2010
Check please if this file could be created:
#cat ~/.config/plasma-widget-yanetload
device: eth0
font: Sans Serif
font_size: "10"
pattern: "#uv#um|#dv#dm#br#dtv#dtm"
minwidth: 110 - Oct 07 2010
Thanks for your reply.
Yes, both widgets using same config now.I'm planing to add multi widget functionality later.

Can you please describe installation process? Which plasma-ruby packages were required?
(Some users have problems with searching right package name, which could differ from one system to another) - Oct 07 2010
sudo apt-get install plasma-scriptengine-ruby
and restart plasma-desktop
helped me to run this plasmoid on clean install.
Loray, try this too. - Jul 25 2010
>it says it can not initialize the ruby-script-driver...

AFAIR this message means you need to install plasma-scriptengine-ruby
Don't know what about gentoo, but seems on my arch "kdeplasma-addons-libs" package is in charge for it. - Jun 05 2010
Thanks for responds, guys.
shadyabhi, is kdebindings-ruby really required? Added it anyway.
google01103, I'll think on pattern modification - Jun 03 2010
Score 58.0%
Jan 05 2014