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Sep 01 2010
One thing that works is to make a *.desktop file to do what you want (like startup arguments and custom icon) and then manually add it to the list in gconf. This accomplishes the goal but it is inconvenient.

The most convenient solution would be to show the list of launchers in the "preferences" dialog and allow them to be customized/edited directly. - Jun 10 2010
I was poking around in the source and it seems to be basing launchers entirely on desktop files. Although convenient to simply implement, I think storing commands, icons, and class names in lists allows for the most flexibility. Just for kicks, I think I'm going to try to do it myself as an educational exercise since I'm totally new to gtk. - Jun 09 2010
I was prodding around in gconf-editor and found the "launchers" list, but I couldn't figure out how to make a custom launcher work through that. For example "nautilus --browser" or "gedit ~/document.txt". Both of these would be excellent as they would allow for nautilus to be booted with all of the toolbars from talika and it would allow documents to be pinned to the panel (manually is good enough). - Jun 08 2010