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It now redirects to which appears to be a Linux news site in Dutch.

A correct link appears to be
- Jan 08 2008
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Developers Apps by gambas 30 comments

wxWidgets and Motif junkies are free to contribute components that bind to their choice of GUI toolkits. Personally I'd be interested in seeing a gb.wx component, but writing a GUI toolkit binding would be beyond my skills (and to be honest, I'm happy enough using Qt.) - Apr 09 2006
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Developers Apps by gambas 30 comments

The Qt component isn't a "front end", it's a binding to the Qt libraries. The IDE is the "front end", and the goal is for it to work unmodified using either the Qt or Gtk (or any other GUI) components.

Now, the IDE is being rewritten, but that's been the case again and again since about Gambas 0.40 and I don't think it's a waste of time at all ;) - Apr 09 2006
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Developers Apps by gambas 30 comments

While I'm not going to delete fakebas from, the new development version of Gambas includes an MDI IDE by default. I will be merging Fakebas with that (since the new one has only basic window management and Fakebas had a "task bar" and Window menu) and at that point, Fakebas will be obsolete unless you're still using Gambas 1.

Rob Kudla - Apr 09 2006

Gimp Splashes by rgfree 27 comments

The program's name is now "regimp3". Here is a link to the new page:

I haven't tried building it yet so I don't know whether it works with Gimp 2. - Apr 19 2005