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radox 1912
Homosapien Metacity Customizer 0.4.5

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Score 62.5%
Mar 17 2010
now it's perfect. i recommend using #4A6B8F color as background for panel. - Feb 16 2010
very close to perfection now... appreciate the titlebar height option, and color selection.thx, - Feb 08 2010
i think you should put the older version available to download with a proper name (thick titlebar or something) displayed to keep everyone happy. - Feb 05 2010
i like better the thicker titlebar from previous versions, thus keeping the older version of this theme. - Feb 05 2010
im sorry,
but which one is the most updated version? i see 3 download buttons labelled Homosapien, homosapien wide, and homosapien v0.1? - Feb 03 2010