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Ed Speigel
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Screensavers by wjarosz 58 comments

First of all, EXELLENT work - very slick screensaver.

But now would it be possible to implement the screensaver as a desktop background using KDE's background program option? It would be the coolest desktop in the world. I don't know enough about how KDE's desktop elements to know if it is even possible, but if it IS, I would love to know how to implement it. - May 29 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by domi79 38 comments

The new link is a file with one single file, called something like penguimroot.png, and then the only other file is what looks to be an attempt at a buffer overflow attack (a file named "@@@@...@@@@" (lots of @s), and then inside is what looks like shell code) - not an expert on security myself, so I can't reverse engineer what it does or what it would attempt to exploit, but I have a feeling in my gut that its up to no good. And its a shame too, cause I had the original file but it got deleted, and it was a really nice icon theme. - May 24 2003