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Layan gtk theme

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12 hours ago
Moreover imo, when i delete a file/folder in nautilus, the "file/folder deleted" notification pop up comes as usual but due to its white colour in nature matching with the same background colour, the notification is not that clearly visible. Please make the notification pop up background colour with a light purple colour, matching it with the theme and differentiating it from the nautilus while coulur. - May 03 2020
btw all the other aspects of the themes are working perfectly fine so far. - May 03 2020
yes bro, iam using Ubuntu 20.04 and layan gtk theme is the only theme that i have installed in my laptop for my new ubuntu. - May 03 2020
i installed the theme today it was awesome. But when i opened the Ubuntu Software, the whole application background was invisible and i can only see the icons of the apps mentioned inside it. please do something about it - Apr 28 2020
what is that application in that 4th screenshot image, application name written as "widget factory" . Should i install that too ? to achieve rounded corners for my application windows in ubuntu focal fossa - Apr 10 2020
GDM3 Theme Blur

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Nov 19 2018
can i install this for the ubuntu focal fossa ? - Apr 26 2020

Gnome Shell Themes 4 comments

by rtl88
Score 60.0%
Apr 09 2020
transparent looks nice, it would be great if there was any option to change to blur effect instead of a transparent one - Apr 10 2020