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GTK2 Themes 11 comments

by r5d
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Feb 17 2011
You must have missed the file. There is a file named gtkrc in the folder that contains the style. just dump the folder dmist in ~/.themes. It will work. - Feb 21 2011
I don't have any experience with Qt, never used it. I guess there are theme engines for Qt that mimic the looks of your gtk theme.. Apart from trying that, I can't think of another way to fit your Qt apps in than to use a similar engine and copy the colors. Anyway, good luck. - Jan 26 2009
Thanks! - Nov 30 2008
i updated the theme. if you have not already changed the colors yourself, maybe this update is useful to you. - Nov 29 2008
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

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Jan 16 2013
Thanks a LOT! - Oct 29 2007
Is there any chance to get the exact version 0.38 of QtCurve from somewhere? It's nowhere to find, could somebody who has this version send it to me please? That would be just great :D

I even wrote to CraigD about this, but got no answer..

r5d - Oct 28 2007
That's a relief to hear, I thought the gtk1-style was dead already. I really love QtCurve, also because it covers all the 3 engines and comes in one package. It is simply the best style I know, even my family wanted their programs to "look like mine". So, besides my concerns with the splitup and gtk1, I must really thank you for it. - Jul 23 2006
I find it most tragic that qtCurve has been split up and no longer supports GTK+ 1, because I think that is what made the difference and that is what made me use it. All engines covered by a small package, easy to handle and looking fantastic. I request you to think about this decision once more, as to me the very uniqueness and outstanding features of qtCurve are lost in the current form.

I will continue using version 0.38, but its very sad to not have any more updates. - Jul 21 2006